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Common singing mistakes ( Top 20 )

Making mistakes as a singer is fairly common, all singers will make mistakes, the difference between a good and a bad singer is that a good singer learns from his mistakes while bad singers don’t. Most singers have not been …

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Disadvantages of singing ( Top 8 )

Most people tend to talk about how healthy singing is for you and what a wonderful career path singing is. The problem is that making it as a singer isn’t that easy, most singers can’t sustain themselves from what they …

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Singers that sound like Adele ( Top 15 )

Adele is one of the most successful singers of our time, and there are not a lot of singers that sound like her. What makes Adele’s voice unique is her vocal technique and the quality of her voice which is …

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Correct singing posture ( In 11 Easy Steps )

The posture or stance which you use while singing is extremely important, even small differences between your posture will impact the quality of your voice. The problem with the singing posture is that it is often overlooked, as singing tends …

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Singing while running? ( The Truth )

If you follow around some singers on social media then you might have noticed that some of them sing while they are running. This technique is also used in some music schools but not a lot of singers actually adopt …

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Online singing lessons ( Top 8 )

Singing is an extremely competitive industry, most singers try to get that extra edge with online singing lessons. The problem is that there are so many online singing lessons that you will have a fairly hard time finding one which …

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