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The current price is only for the first 10 orders, after that the price will go up

If you need more info send me a PM on the ad purchasing platform, the mail from the contact form is never checked as it gets way too much spam


Currently, the site has around 126 articles
In the past month, it got 16k pageviews out of which 76% organic
The average time on page is around 4 minutes
The top goes are US, UK, and CA
Kindly check the stats in the images
The site is growing every month, you can see this in the images from google analytics
I am also adding articles fairly regularly

Who is this for?
If you have an online course, you provide voice or music lessons, both online and offline. You can promote your website or even your gig. In addition to this, it is also great for branding.

What do you get?
The promotion lasts 30 days. The promotion will be made on a page which will be linked by all of the posts on the website. In addition to this, your ad will appear in every post, only one ad per post so the system randomly selects which ad it will show, just refresh a couple of times to see yours.

Analytics overview for the past 30 days May 15 June 15