Does Singing Every Day Improve Your Voice? ( How And Why? )

A lot of beginner singers ask themselves how often they should sing, well the answer is fairly simple. You should sing every day because it will make you a better singer, and if you sing every day with a clear goal in mind then you will see results sooner rather than later.

Incorporating a daily vocal workout into your routine offers numerous benefits, such as strengthening your vocal cords, expanding your vocal range, and enhancing your overall vocal tone. Aim to dedicate at least thirty minutes each day to focused singing practice, ensuring you begin with proper warm-up exercises to prepare your voice. By committing to regular practice sessions, you can build vocal stamina, improve technique, and cultivate a more expressive and controlled singing voice.

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You have probably heard that practice makes perfect, and this is true not only for singing but for any craft or skill which you want to improve. Most people think that the life of a successful singer is easy and that singers do not really have to put much effort after a certain time, this is far from the truth and if you follow any successful singer you probably know the hard work and dedication they put in singing.

Most successful singers have a rigorous daily routine which always includes singing every day, no matter for just practicing or for singing professionally. Beginner singers do have a lot to learn and by far one of the easiest ways to become a better singer is by singing every day. The problem with beginner singers is that once they have decided that they want to become a singer they will start to practice but oftentimes they will practice less and less as time goes by and their singing skill level will either stagnate or even get worse in the long run.

What most beginner singers do not understand is that becoming a singer is fairly hard, you have to put in a lot of work and you will have to be dedicated to succeed as a singer. Believe it or not, even if you do not want to become a professional singer you can still benefit from the positive things which singing can give you, by simply singing every day. There are a lot of benefits of singing every day if you want more information check out my recent article Benefits of singing ( Top 18 Benefits ).

There are a lot of factors that can make you a good or a bad singer, and oftentimes these factors either overlap or they are difficult to pinpoint accurately. Just listen to any beginner singer who has taught himself to sing, and then listen to one that has a vocal coach, odds are that both of these singers practice singing relatively the same amount of time. However most of the time you will notice that singers who have a vocal coach improve far faster than singers who teach themselves and this is mainly because the singer that is using a vocal coach is more goal-oriented.

Does Singing Every Day Improve Your Voice?

Yes, singing every day can significantly improve your voice. Consistent practice helps develop and strengthen the muscles involved in singing, including the vocal cords, diaphragm, and supporting muscles. Regular singing exercises and vocal warm-ups can enhance breath control, expand vocal range, improve pitch accuracy, and refine vocal technique. Singing every day also increases muscle memory, allowing your voice to become more consistent and reliable.

It helps you become more attuned to your own voice, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments. Additionally, daily singing enhances your musicality, interpretation, and overall expressiveness. However, it’s important to sing with proper technique and avoid straining your voice. If you experience any discomfort or vocal fatigue, it’s advisable to rest and seek guidance from a vocal coach or instructor.

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Makes You A Better Singer

Singing every day will actually make you a better singer, as for how long will this actually take is different from one person to another. If you have read through my site you have probably noticed that I have compared singing to bodybuilding a couple of times. I mainly do this because it is easier for people to visualize themselves gaining more experience through practice and hard work. Just like in the gym, if you want to become a serious singer then you will have to push your limits.

Just as in bodybuilding, singing also does require you to have a clean and healthy diet, as you will need all the edge you can get over your competitor singers. While it is recommended to sing every day, but even if for some reason you can sing 2-3 times a week, you will still be a better singer than one who doesn’t practice singing regularly. At this point, hard work beats talent every time, provided that your “competition” doesn’t practice singing every day.

A lot of singers think that they have hit a roadblock and they can not possibly get any better, the truth is that these people are making excuses for themself not to practice singing every day. There is always a way in which you can improve your singing, all singers have weak areas of singing, like singing in tune, breathing correctly, or even singing high notes.

Steady Progress

If you are a singer then you will have to practice singing every day, although there are some times when a break should be taken but not too often. The problem with most beginner singers is that they do not actually sing every day to get better, they do it just because it is fun, and who can blame them? But practicing singing every day without a clear goal will become extremely boring after just a couple of months and at this point, most beginner singers simply get bored and stop practicing and singing. Believe it o not you can train your voice to sing, even if you do not have the best singing voice, as that has never stopped anybody from singing, some even making a career even without having a good singing voice.

If you are a beginner singer then my recommendation is to set a realistic goal that you can achieve in a matter of weeks or a couple of months. Far too often beginner singers make themselves an ultimatum that they want to become a successful singer in a couple of months or a year. Although there are some singers who can get success in such a short period of time, but this is hardly the case for most singers, if your goal is to get discovered as a singer then check out my article How to get discovered as a singer ( As FAST as possible ).

Setting unrealistic expectations will lead you through the path of disappointment most of the time, but if you set realistic and achievable goals then you will see improvements in your singing in just a couple of weeks. This is the key to not getting bored of singing, once you achieved your desired goal then start working towards another goal, sooner or later you will become a successful singer if you manage to achieve most of your goals.

Improves Your Voice Quality

Most singers think that their voice is everything when it comes to singing, although this is fairly accurate but almost all singers have different kinds of voices which can be improved in different ways. If you know that you have a good voice, it is vital to maintain and even improve it, and this is why all famous singers sing every day. Even once the singer is fairly successful they will still sing every day just to maintain their quality of voice.

If you are a beginner singer, singing every day will make your voice a lot more natural-sounding, especially if you can breathe correctly. Far too often talented singers neglect singing every day and once they want to give singing another go after just a couple of months they will notice that in some cases they can not even hit the easy notes correctly, if this is the case for you check out my article for a quick fix Why can’t I sing anymore ( Quick and Easy Fix ).

Improves Your Singing In Key

Most beginner singers do not know what singing in key is and they actually confuse it with singing in tune. Although not that different from each other, singing in key puts emphasis on correctly singing the actual keys of the song. Generally speaking, this is a fairly difficult task for beginner singers who do not have any help from a teacher or a vocal coach, but with the correct exercises, singing in key can be achieved in a matter of weeks or months.

When I previously mentioned that you should sing every day with a goal in mind, I meant that you should pick goals like improving your singing in key. Oftentimes, the simple ability to sing in key can make you a good singer, even with a fairly average voice. If you want more information about the exercises that will make you sing in key correctly then check out my article How to sing in key for beginners ( In 9 Easy Steps ).

Makes Your Voice More Powerful

Most singers that already have the experience to sing fairly well, set another goal for themselves which is to make their voice sound more powerful. This can only be achieved with a lot of practice, as your body will need to adjust to making your voice more powerful and this doesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of snake oil salesmen who do promise that their product will make your voice more powerful, the truth is that you will need to put in enough daily practice and dedication to achieve this and there is no magic product that can bypass all the work.

What you as a beginner singer need to understand is that your voice is a musical instrument and you will need to focus on the different aspects of singing to have a more powerful voice. In order to have a more powerful voice, you will need to strengthen your neck muscles, vocal cords, lungs, and your diaphragm, and do all this without injuring yourself. If you want to know more about how you can make your voice more powerful then search around my website as I have plenty of information on the subject.

Improves Your Vocal Health

Far too often beginner singers neglect their vocal health, most of them sing a couple of times a week, and while they are singing they force themselves to sing high notes which can be fairly difficult, and punishing on the body if done incorrectly. If you are singing every day, just after a few weeks it will become a habit and your body will know that you sing every day and it will focus on the muscles which actually facilitate singing.

This way you will keep your vocal health in top condition, but you will have to make the correct daily vocal warm-ups in order not to injure yourself. Most singers believe that they have to force their voice if they want to get better at singing, although this is true in some cases, but the truth is that there is a fine line between singing every day to becoming a better singer and forcing yourself to sing high notes for the same results.

Gets You Faster Results

Most beginner singers quit right before their body has adjusted to sing better, and most of them are only a matter of weeks or months away from achieving their goal. The problem, in this case, is that most singers want results as fast as possible and they do not actually want to put in the work to achieve it. The truth is that if you sing every day you will achieve your goals as a singer a lot faster than someone who is not practicing singing every day.

It is hard to work for something without seeing almost no results and this is the main reason why most singers actually quit singing entirely. On the other hand, if you manage to practice every day then you will start seeing results sooner or later, but you need to understand that it takes time and effort. There are a lot of singers who came from families of singers, and these singers have a far easier time becoming successful singers than the ones that do not come from such a family.

Most of these singers have been practicing singing every day since childhood, and if you want to have a chance in order to be a successful singer then you will need to simply outwork them. Although you will probably think that you can not outwork a singer who has been singing since childhood, which is not accurate at all. Most singers who have sung since childhood have done so because it is fun and not actually to improve at singing. Only later in their lives once they have started thinking more seriously about singing, only then they start to sing every day to get better.

Key Takeaways

  • Yes, singing every day will improve your voice, as the very day practice will strengthen your neck muscles, diaphragm, and vocal cords. These are essential for singing and the stronger they are the better you can sing. In addition to this, while you are singing every day, you will have the ability to experiment with different breathing techniques which will definitely make you a better singer in the long run.
  • Regular singing sessions allow you to work on various vocal techniques, such as pitch accuracy, tone quality, diction, and dynamics. It helps you refine your vocal skills and develop a more versatile and controlled voice.
  • Singing every day also helps build muscle memory, allowing your voice to become more consistent and reliable. It enhances your ability to perform challenging vocal passages, increases confidence, and reduces performance anxiety.


Does your singing voice improve over time?

Yes, with consistent practice and vocal training, your singing voice can improve over time. Regular practice helps develop vocal techniques, expand vocal range, and improve overall vocal control and quality.

How many hours a day should I sing to improve?

The amount of time you should dedicate to singing practice depends on your individual goals and capabilities. It is recommended to start with shorter practice sessions of 20-30 minutes and gradually increase the duration as you build stamina and vocal strength.

How often should you sing to improve?

Consistency is key in vocal improvement. Singing regularly, ideally several times a week, helps build muscle memory, refine techniques, and enhance vocal performance. Balancing practice with proper rest and vocal care is also important to prevent strain or fatigue.

Can you train your voice everyday?

It is generally safe to practice singing every day, but it’s important to listen to your body and avoid overstraining your voice. Varying the intensity and duration of practice sessions, along with incorporating vocal warm-ups and cool-downs, can help maintain vocal health and prevent vocal fatigue.