Good songs to sing acapella solo ( Top 100 )

As a singer, it is vital that you know how to sing acapella, as sooner or later you will have to perform a solo acapella. When most people think of acapella singing, they imagine a big group of people singing together. Group acapella singing is a good way to learn how to properly sing, as each individual singer has their own place in the group, by singing harmonies, rhythms, and melodies. On the other hand, there are acapella songs that you can sing solo.

These solo acapella songs, generally speaking, can be somewhat hard to sing for beginner singers who have never sung acapella before. If you are serious about your singing career then my personal recommendation is to learn to sing some of these traditional and contemporary acapella songs on the list. The main reason why acapella singing is vital for any singer is that you will probably be asked to sing a solo acapella song at an audition.

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No matter how good you have sung the song which you rehearsed for the audition if you are not able to follow up by singing the requested acapella song, then your audition is probably over. If you have ever been asked to sing a solo acapella song at an audition, then consider this as a compliment, they simply want to see how you can sing an acapella as acapella singing says a lot about the quality of the singer. In case you are preparing for an audition, then check out my recent article Best songs for vocal training ( Top 35 ).

Most singers who have an audition, generally speaking, look for good solo songs to sing, or best acapella songs of all time but my recommendation is to pick acapella songs that highlight the quality of your voice, do not simply pick a song because it is popular. In the below list you will find the best songs to sing acapella for an audition, most of them are for solo acapella singing, but some are for group singing, although these also can be sung solo.

If you are a female singer, then I highly recommend you to check out the below list of acapella songs which also contain good female acapella songs. If you are preparing for an audition, then my recommendation is to learn at least one contemporary and one traditional acapella. As it is highly likely that you will have to sing an acapella song during the audition, the problem is that you will only find out once they ask you to sing acapella if you have to sing a traditional or a contemporary acapella, so better be prepared for both of them.

When choosing which acapella song you are going to learn to sing, make sure to try a couple of them out and choose the one which is in your vocal range. There is simply no point in learning an acapella song if it is out of your vocal range, as you will probably struggle with it and people will notice. I know that you are probably looking for the best acapella songs to sing, but you should instead look for an acapella song which is the best for you, as of how popular the song is, doesn’t really matter, as long as you sing your heart out.

If you do not think you can sing acapella as you are not that good of a singer, then check out my recent article Singing tips for bad singers ( Top 8 Tips ).

The good news about learning to sing acapella is once you get the idea behind how acapella singing should sound then you are good to go, this is the same both for group and solo acapella singing, although in group acapella singing its a bit more complicated. Group acapella singing is when a group of people comes together, and each of them will use their own voice to make the sound, generally speaking, some of them will sing, while most of them will harmonize and do the rhythms.

Just keep in mind that not all acapella songs are meant to be sung solo, so if you pick an acapella song that is meant for group singing, then you will have a lot of difficulty sounding good, in the below list you will find the best and the easiest acapella songs for solo singing.

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Table of Contents

“I knew you were trouble” Taylor Swift

“Anything Goes” Anything Goes

“Ascension” Maxwell

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” Bonnie Tyler

“Fortunate” Maxwell

“This Woman’s Work” Maxwell

“Piano Man” Billy Joel

“In My Life” The Beatles

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“Pretty Wings” Maxwell

“Hero” Mariah Carey

“Cheap Thrills” Sia

“Let there be peace on earth” Harry Connick Jr.

“Tomorrow” Annie

“I can’t make you love me” Bonnie Raitt

“My way” Frank Sinatra

“What a Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong

“Nature boy” Nat King Cole

“When you’re gone” Matchbox 20

“At Last”  Etta James

“Out on A Limb” Teena Marie

“Turn the Beat Around” Gloria Estefan

“Stickwitu” Pussycat Dolls

“Hello” Adele

“Who let the dogs out” The Baha Men

“Tale as old as time” Beauty and the Beast

“The Impossible Dream (The Quest)” Man of La Mancha

“Somewhere over the rainbow” Eva Cassidy

“A million reasons” Lady Gaga

“Your Song” Elton John

“Beat It” Michael Jackson

“If I Ever Fall in Love” Shai

“She will be loved” Maroon 5

“I turn to you” Christina Aguilera

“Leaving on a jet plane” Peter, Paul and Mary

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” The Wizard of Oz

“Amazing grace” Celtic Women

“You’ve got a friend” Carole King

“I will always love you” Dolly Parton

“New York, New York” Frank Sinatra

“Beauty and the Beast” Beauty and the Beast

“Fire and rain” James Taylor

“Lions, Tigers and Bears” Jazmine Sullivan

“Killing Me Softly” Roberta Flack

“10 seconds” Jazmine Sullivan

“My Favorite Things” The Sound of Music

“Something to Talk About” Bonnie Raitt

“Puff the Magic Dragon” Peter, Paul and Mary

“Footloose” Footloose

“Famous” Jazmine Sullivan

“You belong to me” Taylor Swift

“Fever” Peggy Lee

“Moon river” Barbra Streisand

“Dreaming of you” Selena

“I want it that way” Backstreet Boys

“God bless the broken road” Rascal Flatts

“If I was your man” Bruno Mars

“Blue Skies” Willie Nelson

“Hakuna Matata” The Lion King

“Wade in the water” Fisk Jubilee Singers

“Georgia on My Mind” Ray Charles

“Sir Duke” Stevie Wonder

“Misty” Sarah Vaughn

“Ant Nobody” Chaka Khan

“Don’t wanna lose you” Gloria Estefan

“Leaving on a Jet Plane” John Denver

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” Simon and Garfunkel

“Lean on Me” Bill Withers

“Hopelessly Devoted to You” Grease

“Living on a Prayer” Bon Jovi

“Mmm bop” Hanson

“Can’t buy me love” The Beatles

“Home” Michael Buble

“I Care For You” Aaliyah

“Try” Colbie Caillat

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” Elvis Presley

“Imagine” John Lennon

“I Got Rhythm performed” Judy Garland and others

“Chandelier” Sia

“Elastic Heart” Sia

“Natural woman” Aretha Franklin

“Beat it” Michael Jackson

“Dancing in the Street” Martha and the Vandellas

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” Whitney Houston

“There Goes My Baby” Usher

“Lemme See” Usher

“Love song” Sara Bareilles

“Dancing Queen” Mamma Mia!

“Candle in the wind” Elton John

“Stingy” Ginuwine

“Fallin’” Alicia Keys

“Don’t Stop Believin’” Journey

“Bridge over troubled water” Simon & Garfunkel

“Feeling Good” Michael Bublé

In conclusion

As you can see there are a lot of good acapella songs for solo singing, but now comes the hard part of which one to choose. In this case, my recommendation is to casually sing a couple of them which you like and keep in mind that you should pick a song which you can sing naturally without forcing yourself. No matter how good a song may sound, or how popular it is, always choose a song based on your capability to sing it.