How To Become A Wedding Singer? ( In 11 Steps )

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Believe it or not but a lot of singers have actually started out as wedding singers, the wedding industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Some singers remain, wedding singers, all their life as it is an extremely easy way to make money as a singer. The best part about being a wedding singer is that you can still keep your normal 9-5 job as most weddings are held on the weekends.

To become a wedding singer, it is essential to have a diverse repertoire of appropriate songs. This includes a wide range of contemporary pop songs, easy listening tracks, and love anthems. It is important to have a mix of up-tempo numbers for energetic moments and soulful ballads for emotional ones. Familiarize yourself with the classics as they are frequently requested. By having a long and varied repertoire, you can cater to the musical preferences of different couples and create a memorable experience for them on their special day.

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Being a wedding singer comes with a lot of benefits, it is easy money, few work hours, and you will visit some of the most beautiful places in the county, even in the world if you get famous enough. A lot of singers who do not perform at weddings look down on wedding singers, for some reason or another. The truth is that singing at weddings is an easy and honest job, and wedding singers are actively promoting themselves with the events.

The problem is that a lot of singers live in a bubble, a couple of people have told them that they have a good voice and they are simply waiting to get discovered, which will most likely never happen. Only to find themselves stuck in a dead-end job after a couple of years with no hope of making a career as a singer. Wedding singers on the other hand are actively working on their brand and promoting themselves, and earning a lot of money at the same time.

You can easily replace your 9-5 job by becoming a wedding singer, and once you get the ball rolling you will have an extremely easy time. Basically, as a singer, you will turn the table, people will ask for you and hire you for their weddings and other events, singers who do not actually make money by singing will just go from one audition to another hoping that somebody will notice them. Getting into the wedding industry as a singer is not that difficult, all you need is to know a couple of people and a good personality really helps. If you are wondering how long will it take you to become a professional singer then check out my recent article How long does it take to become a professional singer? ( The Honest Truth ).

How To Become A Wedding Singer?

Becoming a wedding singer can be a fulfilling and enjoyable career path for those with a passion for music and performing. To become a wedding singer, it is important to develop your vocal skills and stage presence through regular practice and vocal training. Building a diverse repertoire of popular wedding songs across various genres is essential to cater to different tastes and preferences. Networking and marketing yourself are also crucial to finding opportunities.

Creating a professional portfolio, including audio and video recordings of your performances, can help showcase your talent to potential clients. It is also beneficial to establish connections with wedding planners, event organizers, and wedding venues to increase your chances of being hired. Additionally, having a strong online presence through a website or social media platforms can help promote your services and attract potential clients.

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Promote Yourself

The first thing you want to do if you want to become a wedding singer is to promote yourself at weddings. I am not saying you to go and crash a wedding, just ask around if you can sing a song or two, usually, the wedding organizers will allow you to do it. The best way to promote yourself at an actual wedding is to do it at a friend’s wedding, just make a request to sing a song to honor them, and there you go.

Stick to the song and some kind words to the newlyweds, do not actually shout out that you are or you want to be a wedding singer as this is in poor taste, although saying your full name is always a good idea. Trust me if you managed to sing the song correctly then it will raise a couple of eyebrows and sooner or later somebody who has an upcoming wedding might even look at your social media account to check out if you can sing other songs, sometimes they will also approach you at the wedding to see if you are available. If you want to know other ways to make money with your singing then check out my recent article How to make money by singing ( Top 27 Methods ).

Use Social Media

There is no need to make a new social media account, stick with your personal one as this gives a lot more trust for people. What you need to do is to have at least a couple of videos of you singing some of the most popular wedding songs. They do not even have to at an actual event, anywhere outside or at a beautiful place will be fine. Dress up nicely for these videos just like you would do for a wedding this is extremely important.

The secret is that most weddings are planned by the couple, generally speaking, most of the logistics and planning are made by the groom, and the hiring of singers or of a band is usually made by the bride. If the bride sees you in a video dressed up nicely then they can imagine you at their wedding easily and you have a lot higher chance of getting hired. If you want to become an opera singer then I highly recommend you to check out my recent article Opera singer salary ( The Honest Truth ).

Getting Your First Client As A Wedding Singer

Sooner or later you will get approached by your first client, this will be the most important one. The client’s main goal is to save money and hire somebody who can sing, your goal should be to make a name for yourself in the wedding industry, so it is a win-win situation. Do not get blinded by money, do not even worry about it, just offer a below-market price, remember their main goal is to save money.

If money wouldn’t be important to them they would hire a celebrity wedding singer and not you. Don’t think that they want to hire you because you are so awesome. Once you are at the wedding make sure to act professionally, and you will see that people will start approaching you asking for what your hourly rate is. At this time you should give them your business card and tell them to contact you next week.

Do not make a deal of any sort at the actual wedding with other potential clients, if they ask about how much your hourly rate just answer them politely that they should contact you next week. A lot of people at a wedding are having the so-called wedding high and this is not an ideal setting to do business. The first year or so you should ask below market price, your main goal is to go to as many weddings as possible to get your name out.

Brand Yourself As A Wedding Singer

In the first couple of years, your main goal is to get your name out there. The more people who know that you are a wedding singer the more potential clients you will get. The first couple of gigs won’t make you a lot of money but they will get the ball rolling. Once you are starting to get more and more clients then you can start raising your price. Make sure that people know your name so that they can take a look at your other performances as a singer online.

Talk To The Right People

These are the people who are already established in the wedding industry, and they know a lot of things about this industry that nobody will tell you. Keep a friendly appearance and speak to everybody before the wedding, just some casual conversation is fine. Even the lowest ranking staff member probably knows more about the industry than you do, and if you want to make it big in the wedding industry then it is a good idea to have good friends in all areas in the wedding industry.

Other Wedding Singers

A lot of people will tell you to just pair up with another singer who is already a wedding singer. Generally speaking, established wedding singers will not want to pair up with anybody, why would they. The only singers who want to pair up are the ones who either hope that you a beginner can get them more gigs or the ones who know that they are bad singers. Sooner or later you will outgrow them and if you are closely linked to one singer then you might never be able to make a name for yourself, especially if the other singer makes something that destroys their reputation.

Talk To Wedding Planners

This can work either extremely well or extremely badly. Some wedding planners will make a long-term contract with you, I honestly would avoid this at any cost. If you sign a contract, you will work for them, which means that you can not choose at which wedding you sing, and you will have a set rate. On the other hand, the wedding planner will make a massive profit on your back and give you pennies.

There are some situations when you can make a friendly collaboration with a wedding planner without even having to sign a contract. When a groom and a bride are asking the wedding planner if she or he knows some good wedding singers they can refer you to them, and you do the same. If you land the gig make sure to thank and repay the wedding planner, either give him or her some money or invite them to lunch or something. Just don’t make it formal, act casually and friendly, people tend to respond the best to money.

Be Friends With Photographers And Videographers

Photographers and videographers who specialize in weddings and other related events tend to be fairly expensive and they are booked most of the year. You will want to befriend them as it is in your own interest. The people who are photographing and recording the event will have a couple of minutes for free while you can approach them. Just ask them if they can send you a couple of pictures and maybe a recording of you singing at the wedding.

Usually, they are friendly enough and they will send you the photos and the recordings for free. And there you go, you have professional photos and recordings that you can use for your branding for absolutely free.

Bartenders Can Open A Lot Of Doors For Wedding Singers

This is where the big money is, usually, bartenders who go to weddings specialize in these kinds of events, and a lot of them are in circles that are extremely well connected in the wedding industry. There are two types of bartenders, the ones who rely on more events paid poorly and the ones that go to a few events and get a massive amount of money for each of them. Your goal as a wedding singer should be to go to only a couple of high paying events, although only after a couple of years of making yourself known in the industry.

There are some bartenders who organize everything which is related to the bar, this means that they have a good connection with where they get alcohol. Smart bartenders also make a nice commission by buying from one specific vendor. Bartenders who go to luxury private events will know to whom you can talk to get in, once you have a couple of luxury events you have made it.

Ask The Event Host

The event host is a crucial part of the wedding, usually, everybody who is working at the event will look at them as the boss, even if they are freelance photographers, bartenders, and so on. Sometimes the event host will make you an offer to get hired by him, thus you would get a steady amount of gigs, but just as in the case of the wedding planners, I would avoid this at all costs. Why would you want to put a middleman between you and a client, and earn just a fraction of what you could do?

Luxury Wedding Singers

This is when one gig can make you more money than your 9-5 job in an entire year. Luxury wedding events are extremely hard to get in, you have to know a lot of people to get referred to a potential client. This is why I am recommending making as many friends in the wedding industry as possible. You will have to reach some kind of celebrity status to be invited to a luxury wedding, but once you perform at one you open another world for yourself.

Do you remember what I said about your first paid gig? That their main goal is to spend as little money as possible. Luxury weddings are the exact opposite, it is all about flexing their wealth to others. The more expensive the wedding is the more they can flex and brag. Their main goal is to show people that they can afford to hire a celebrity wedding singer like you, and this is when you will bank beyond your wildest dreams

Key Takeaways

You can become a wedding singer by singing at a couple of weddings either for free or for a small fee. Your main goal as a beginner wedding singer is to get the ball rolling and get your name known, and by far the easiest way to do this is to sing at as many weddings as possible. In addition to this, people who work in the wedding industry will like event organizers, wedding planners, and bartenders will get you a lot of wedding singing gigs if you play your cards right.


How much does it cost to sing at a wedding?

The cost of hiring a singer for a wedding can vary depending on factors such as the singer’s experience, popularity, duration of performance, and any additional services or requirements. It is recommended to contact singers directly or consult with wedding planners to inquire about their rates and availability.

How to become a singer at 17?

To pursue a singing career at 17, it is important to focus on honing your vocal skills, receiving professional training, and gaining performance experience. Consider participating in singing competitions, joining choirs or local music groups, and creating an online presence to showcase your talent. Additionally, seeking guidance from vocal coaches, attending music schools or workshops, and networking with industry professionals can help you navigate your path as a young singer.

How do I join a singing career?

To embark on a singing career, it is essential to develop your vocal abilities, gain performance experience, and build a professional network. Consider taking vocal lessons, participating in auditions, joining local music groups or bands, and leveraging online platforms to showcase your talent. Networking with industry professionals, attending music events and workshops, and seeking opportunities for collaborations can also help you establish connections in the music industry.

How much money can you make singing?

The income potential as a singer can vary greatly depending on factors such as your level of skill, experience, genre, demand, and the avenues through which you generate income (e.g., performances, recordings, streaming, royalties, merchandise). While some successful singers can earn significant amounts of money, it is important to note that building a sustainable career in singing often requires dedication, persistence, and a multifaceted approach to generating income.