How To Get A Raspy Voice Girl? ( 11 Easy Ways )

There are a lot of female singers who desire a more raspy voice, however, most beginner singers do not actually know what a raspy voice is. Singers who have a naturally raspy voice generally do not think much of it, they simply work with what they got, not knowing that there could be a medical condition making their voice sound raspy. Although singing with a raspy voice occasionally is relatively safe, but major health problems could develop if you as a singer are focusing only on singing with a raspy voice.

You can get a raspy voice as a girl by yelling out loud, talking or singing for long periods of time, hitting the high notes, eating junk food, eating dairy products, putting tension on your neck, whispering, coughing, laughing, crying, and by not hydrating yourself.

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Generally speaking, people who have a raspy voice tend to have an imbalance in their vocal cords, meaning they do not vibrate in a synchronized manner while they are singing. Usually at least one or more of your vocal cords are out of sync with the other ones and this is what gives some people a raspy voice. When it comes to male and female singers there is no difference between them when it comes to having a raspy voice, everybody could either have it naturally or they could develop it over time.

While successful singers with a raspy voice are relatively few, especially girl singers, this raspy voice is somewhat desired in the music and singing industry. The problem is that as most beginner singers do want to have their own voice they will go to great lengths to make sure that their voice is in fact unique. By trying to achieve their unique voice they will often force themselves to produce a voice that can not be sustained for long periods of time, which will lead to injury or even loss of voice.

If you are a serious singer then my recommendation is to read my recent article How to improve your singing voice in a week ( 13 Easy Steps ), this way you will have a baseline knowledge of singing, and only then you should start focusing on getting a raspy voice.

Generally speaking, most girls or even boys who want a raspy voice do it because they want to fake sickness so they do not have to go to school. While sometimes people do not like to make their daily chores and school activities, my recommendation is that you should not try to get a raspy voice, especially if you are a beginner singer.

One of the most famous singers with a raspy voice is Chad Kroeger, while his voice is truly unique he has in fact developed vocal nodes due to his raspy singing. Which will require surgery and as with any other surgery there is a risk involved, even losing their voice permanently. If you are a fan of raspy voice singers like Rihanna, just make a quick Google search if they are in fact singing live at the events, odds are they are not as they have to limit their singing to the studios while they are recording their songs.

Generally speaking, a lot of people would want to have a raspy voice like some of their favorite actors, however, most of these people do not actually have a raspy voice, in fact, they have a deeper than usual voice which does sound raspy to some people. If you want to get a deeper voice then check out my article How to get a deeper voice in 5 days? ( In 7 Easy Steps ).

IMPORTANT: The following practices should not be practiced for long periods of time, or if you have swollen vocal cords or if you are sick. While with the below practices, you will get a raspy voice no matter if you are a male or female but you will also increase the likelihood of injuring your vocal cords and even losing your voice. Make sure to also read my recent article Why can’t I sing anymore? ( Quick and Easy Fix ), if for some reason or another, you have lost your voice or ability to sing properly.

How To Get A Raspy Voice Girl?

Getting a raspy voice as a girl can be achieved through certain vocal techniques and exercises. One approach is to focus on vocal fry, which involves using the lower part of your vocal range and producing a creaky, breathy sound. Practice speaking or singing in a lower register while engaging the vocal fry technique. Additionally, experimenting with different placements of your voice, such as projecting from your chest or adding a slight growl, can contribute to a raspy quality. However, it’s crucial to take care of your vocal health and avoid straining or damaging your vocal cords.

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Yell Out Loud

No matter if you are yelling out of happiness or anger, if you do it long enough you will get a raspy voice. Do note that the raspy voice will come from your inflated vocal cords and you will have an extremely difficult time singing with it. As a vocal coach, I do not recommend yelling to get a raspy voice, however, if you do it just enough so you do not strain your voice you will get a raspy voice within a couple of minutes.

Talking or singing for long periods

Your vocal cords are not meant to be used constantly, at some point they will get exhausted and you will get a raspy voice due to the inflammation. Continuously doing this just to get a raspy voice could even damage your vocal cords seriously. Just as in the case of yelling I do not recommend it for singers, as you expose your vocal cords to too much potential injury just to be able to sing a couple of songs with a raspy voice.

Sing High Notes

If you are a beginner singer you have probably developed a temporary raspy voice while trying to hit those elusive high notes. Generally speaking, once you have strained your vocal cords so much that you already have a raspy voice it is time to stop singing and give your vocal cords a well-deserved rest for a couple of days. If you are singing the high notes properly you should not develop a raspy voice, for more information check out my recent article How to make your voice higher permanently ( Fast & Easy ).

Eating Junk Food

What we eat is what we are, if you are constantly eating junk food it will be noticeable in your body and in your voice as well. Most junk foods are packed with salt and sugar, both of them will dehydrate your body as they need a lot of water to be digested, this is how you will get a raspy voice.

Eat Dairy Products

Dairy products are not recommended for singers, although if you want to get a raspy voice then eating dairy products is probably one of the safest ways to get a raspy voice. Most dairy products produce mucus which could stick to your vocal cords and make you sound raspy.

Tensing Up Your Neck

By tensing up your neck and forcing air out you will have a raspy voice, although you will find it extremely challenging to keep this raspy voice as your neck muscles will inevitably get tired and will need to relax at some point. Once they have relaxed you will no longer have the raspy voice. Now, if you are a singer and if you are putting a lot of tension on your neck while you are singing you will sound raspy and awful at the same time.


Some think that whispering is actually relaxing to your vocal cords, in fact, this is far from the truth. While you whisper you put a lot of tension on your vocal cords, do it enough and you will get a raspy voice. Some people have a natural ability to sound raspy simply by whispering, although they are quite rare and the raspy voice is probably due to a medical condition related to their vocal cords or throat.


If you were sick in the past you have probably noticed that you have a raspy voice. Most people think that it is due to the flu, but in most cases is due to them coughing constantly. Coughing puts a lot of stress on your larynx, repeated coughing will make your voice sound raspy and it will also make your throat hurt a lot which might even lead to an infection.


Believe it or not, laughing will get you a raspy voice. By laughing, you are putting a lot of tension on your neck muscles and you are forcing a lot of air out through your vocal cords and throat. Do it for prolonged periods of time and you will get a raspy voice.


People who cry often for long periods of time often develop a temporary raspy voice. This is due to the fact that crying puts a lot of pressure on your neck, and if you also yell while you are crying this will lead to a raspy voice. While crying has a lot of health benefits and lowers the person’s stress levels, but crying just for the sake of getting a raspy voice is dangerous.

Not Drinking Enough Water

If you have read any of the articles on my site you probably already noticed that I highly recommend that singers hydrate themselves or else they will have a difficult time singing. However, if you want to get a raspy voice as a girl then limit your water intake, in a few hours you will get a raspy voice. Just do not overdo it, once you become thirsty you will have to drink water.

Key Takeaways

  • Experiment with different vocal techniques and styles that can produce a raspy quality, such as growling or using a lower vocal register.
  • Avoid straining or pushing your voice too hard, as this can lead to vocal damage. Instead, focus on finding a relaxed and controlled approach to achieve the desired raspy sound.
  • Work with a vocal coach or voice teacher who can provide guidance and exercises specifically tailored to help you develop a raspy voice. They can help you find the right balance between healthy vocal technique and achieving the desired vocal effect.


How can I make my voice raspy fast?

While it’s not advisable to intentionally make your voice raspy, you can experiment with different vocal techniques, such as using vocal fry or adding grit to your tone, to achieve a temporary raspy effect. However, it’s important to prioritize vocal health and avoid straining your voice in the process.

What causes a girl to have a raspy voice?

A raspy voice in females can be caused by various factors, including vocal cord strain, vocal nodules or polyps, allergies, respiratory infections, or even natural variations in vocal anatomy. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional or vocal coach if you’re concerned about the health or quality of your voice.

Do guys like raspy girl voices?

Preferences for voice qualities vary among individuals, and some guys may find raspy girl voices attractive while others may prefer different vocal characteristics. Ultimately, personal preference plays a significant role in determining what individuals find appealing in someone’s voice.

Can you train a raspy voice?

While it’s possible to develop control over different vocal qualities, including raspiness, it’s important to approach vocal training with caution to avoid vocal strain or damage. Working with a qualified vocal coach or speech therapist can provide guidance and exercises tailored to your specific vocal goals.