How To Get Discovered As A Singer ( As FAST as possible )

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Most beginner singers want to achieve success as fast as possible, while this is certainly possible but only a few singers are lucky enough to get successful in a short period of time. Some of them didn’t even want a career in singing but they became an overnight success due to social media. Although this can go both ways as some singers can become famous in an instant due to how bad they are performing, and it will be extremely hard to build a career after you have become a living meme.

Getting discovered as a singer is not an easy task, there are a lot of unknown talented singers in the world, and the competition to get discovered is fairly high. The good news is that you can use social media to promote yourself, and a lot of singers got discovered due to social media like Justin Bieber. Your main goal should be to reach as many people as you can, and this means that you have to promote yourself on as many social media platforms as possible.

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There are a few steps that you a beginner singer have to do to be discovered, which is to reach as a bigger of an audience as possible with your own music. Do note that at some point you will have to do your own music and stop relying on covers as covers will get you only to a certain point. When you can already sing and you start thinking to make some money by singing then you probably should start sending out demos of your music in as many places as possible.

While most singers do go through different steps and obstacles to get discovered, however being discovered as a singer is not a guarantee, even if you make all the necessary steps, it will take some good timing and luck. One of the most popular singers of our times is Justin Bieber, love him or hate him he did get discovered through youtube where he was uploading covers of different songs. The point is if he can do it why can’t you?

Generally speaking, teenagers do have a bigger chance of being discovered as a singer, if you are a teenager and you want to become a successful singer read my recent article How to become a singer at 17 ( 11 Easy Steps ). The problem with being discovered over the age of 20 is that most agents will expect you to have a massive repertoire, which you will have if you have started singing from an early age, but if you just started to sing a couple of years back then it will be extremely difficult to have a big enough repertoire.

How To Get Discovered As A Singer

Getting discovered as a singer can be a challenging and competitive journey, but there are steps you can take to increase your chances. First, focus on honing your craft and developing your unique style and sound. Take singing lessons, join vocal groups, and practice regularly to improve your vocal skills and stage presence. Build your online presence by creating a professional website and social media profiles to showcase your talent and connect with a wider audience.

Utilize platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud to share your music and gain exposure. Network with industry professionals, attend open mic nights and talent showcases and consider participating in singing competitions or local music events to gain visibility and potentially catch the attention of talent scouts. Collaborate with other musicians and explore opportunities for collaborations or features that can help expand your reach. Lastly, be persistent, stay dedicated to your craft, and never stop pursuing opportunities to perform and share your music with the world.

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1. Sing Covers

One of the easiest ways to get discovered as a singer is by singing covers. Once you have the basic equipment needed for recording your songs you can start producing cover songs and uploading them through social media, and trust me if you are good people will definitely notice. If you are a beginner singer who has never recorded their singing then you might find that you sound a little awkward if you want more information about the subject then check out my recent article Why does my singing sound awful recorded? ( Top 10 Reasons ).

When it comes to covers my personal recommendation would be to put your own unique spin on them. Agents in the music industry have heard all the covers they can possibly hear in a lifetime, what they actually want is somebody to stand out from the crowd and the easiest way to do this is by putting your unique spin on it. The competition in the music industry is fairly high and talent will only get you to a certain point, from then on you will have to improvise, adapt, and overcome.

2. Use Social Media To Reach A Wide Audience

By far one of the easiest ways to get discovered as a singer is by using social media if you ask which one you should focus on then the answer is all of them. The more social media sites you use the better your odds are of being discovered as a singer. My recommendation is not to use your personal social media pages, to keep singing, and private life separate. Although most people do combine both I do not recommend it, especially in an age when saying something wrong on social media could destroy your career even after decades.

Keep social media accounts all about music, no politics, no drama, just good music. There are plenty of people who crave attention with drama on social media, you do not want to be associated with these people. If an agent takes a liking to your singing then he will start to investigate to get to know you a little bit more, while this might sound weird it is actually normal. The agent before investing any time or money in you as a singer needs to know how easy can be to work with you and if you got what it takes to actually sell your music. So if your social media accounts have a couple of videos of you singing and the rest 90% arguing with people who criticize your music then probably no sane agent will contact you ever.

3. Have A Website With Your Singing Videos

Yes, you heard it right, in order to be discovered as easily as possible you will need to have a website. Nothing fancy just a simple about me and contact page will do, in addition to this you should post everything you post on social media on your site as well. When you are picking out a domain do not get some fancy name, simply use your own name. It is extremely important to have your own name as the domain, mostly because you are trying to sell yourself as a singer.

Sometimes people do use alternative usernames on social media, which is fine but in this case, you should also use the same name in your domain name. If you have been already performing at local events make sure to ask a friend to record your singing, and to take this picture. Make sure you also post this both on your site and on social media as well. On your site, you should have an “events” button where all the different events are posted.

This way when an agent or even a potential client comes he has the reassurance that you as a singer have already performed in front of a live audience and you know what you are doing. When it comes to a site do not invest a lot of money in it, you can set up a site for like 20$ so why pay thousands for people selling you some old template when you can do it almost for free? There are numerous online tutorials that you can use but if you are stuck just contact me.

4. Create Your Own Music

Most singers focus only on doing cover songs for years and they still do not get discovered. The main reason is that they are not original and music agents and scouts have probably heard the cover of those songs a million times already. Once you get some traction with your covers and people start noticing then it is time to start making your own music, this way people will listen to something new and original.

Although creating your own music will cost you some money if you have the money to go to a professional studio and work with musicians to make an actual song then go ahead. But if you are short on money as most beginner singers are then you should either seek out a band to do some original music with them or simply hire some freelancers.

5. Participate In Local Events

There are a lot of local events happening in your city or town right now, and most of these events or festivals are extremely tight on budget and will only afford to get one or two bands. However, most of these local events will let you sing for free, provided that they are convinced that you can sing and you already can prove that you can sing by showing them your site or social media profiles with your recordings.

Although you will probably not see thousands of people at these local events, the media will definitely be there to cover the local event and this way you will have an even bigger audience. Make sure to also record yourself as this will be a good addition to your portfolio as a singer.

6. Brand Yourself

As a singer, the only thing you have is your own personal brand which you will have to be able to sell. It is extremely important that you as a singer promote your brand in as many places as possible if you have the ability to have a unique style of singing as this gets people interested extremely fast. Most beginner singers who are part of a band make the massive mistake of not making their own brand, by being in a band you will be in the shadow of the band for a long time.

7. Singing Contests

Singing contests are extremely popular on TV, even if you do not win you could still end up having an even more successful singing career than the winner has. In these contests not always the most talented person wins, oftentimes these contests put too much emphasis on the singer’s past and hardships. Simply put drama beats out talent at these singing contests big time, so do not even be sad if you do not win.

Your goal shouldn’t even be to win but to sell yourself to the audience as a good singer. I do have a lot of friends who went to either singing contests or talent shows, one of them is a world-famous bartender now, he didn’t win the contest and the only reason why he went is to promote himself. Guess what happened his hourly fee tripled overnight and he got a lot of offers from abroad luxury clubs and hotels.

8. Promote Yourself As A Singer

The music industry is all about big money, sadly talent and skill come in second or third place. This is why you have so many singers who have zero talent but are extremely sellable. If you as a singer have made the journey and you are already in a recording studio then you have made it and your agent is confident in you that you will make him money. As a singer you have to be very flexible when it comes to singing, sometimes you might even have to sing music genres that you previously never even considered but this is normal in most cases.

It is extremely important to be easygoing and to be easy to work with if you are a spoiled brat the only way you are going to get discovered is by your father pumping as much money into your career as possible, and even then your success is not guaranteed.

9. Send Demo Songs To Radio Stations

Demo tapes used to be a big thing before the age of the internet, to get a wider audience new singers had only two options either on TV or on the radio. As it was extremely difficult to be on TV as a beginner singer so most tried the radio and a lot of them have become successful due to the radio. If you have read my recent article Famous tone deaf singers ( Top 13 ), you have probably noticed that most of these singers have made it big, without any talent.

In the same article you will learn about Wing who is an Asian singer without any talent whatsoever, she became famous by accident as one of her demo songs which she made for her friends ended up being broadcasted live on a radio station.

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on honing your craft and developing your skills as a singer. Take singing lessons, practice regularly, and continually improve your vocal technique and performance abilities.
  • Utilize online platforms and social media to showcase your talent. Create professional recordings or videos of your singing and share them on platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, or Instagram. Engage with your audience and build a following.
  • Network and collaborate with other musicians, producers, and industry professionals. Attend music events, open mic nights, and talent shows to connect with like-minded individuals who can potentially help you get discovered.


How do I get famous as a singer?

Building fame as a singer requires a combination of talent, hard work, dedication, and effective marketing strategies. Focus on honing your craft, creating quality music, promoting yourself through social media and live performances, collaborating with industry professionals, and seeking opportunities for exposure.

How do new music artists get discovered?

New music artists can get discovered through various avenues. Utilize online platforms like YouTube, social media, and streaming services to showcase your talent, connect with fans, and attract the attention of industry professionals. Additionally, participate in local music events, open mic nights, talent shows, and competitions to gain exposure and network with industry insiders.

Can I become a singer at 18?

Yes, you can absolutely pursue a singing career at 18 or any age. Age should not be a barrier to your dreams and aspirations as a singer. Focus on improving your vocal skills, building a repertoire, and exploring opportunities to showcase your talent and gain experience in the music industry.

How to become a singer at 17?

To become a singer at 17, start by developing your singing skills through lessons and practice. Build a repertoire of songs that showcase your voice and style. Seek opportunities to perform, such as school events, talent shows, or local gigs, and consider creating an online presence through social media and platforms like YouTube to gain exposure and connect with potential fans and industry professionals.