How to have a nice voice when talking ( In 13 Simple Steps )

Most of our communication is actually done by our body language and not by our actual voice when talking. However, the way you speak matters a lot when it comes to having other people to listen to you. Oftentimes shy or introverted people have a hard time getting their ideas across to other people to actually take notice and listen. If you want to improve your communication skills then it is imperative to have a nice voice when talking.

One of the easiest ways to having a nice voice when talking is by having small talk as often as you can, the more often you are able to speak to others the nicer your voice will sound because your confidence will increase and confidence is vital for having a nice voice when talking. Another excellent way to get a nice voice is by reading out loud, this way you can focus on pronunciation and improving how your voice sounds.

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There are unwritten hierarchies, no matter if we are talking about your own group of friends or of your work environment. If you are fed up with people not listening or simply ignoring your ideas, it might not be the case that your ideas are bad, the most probable cause is that you have a difficult time communicating and this is mainly caused by your voice and how you use it. I know that this is a website is mainly for beginner singers, however, even singers have to have the ability to have a nice voice as people will judge you more based upon your spoken words than by your actual singing.

Most people when they think about a nice voice probably think of a female voice, however, even men can have nice and pleasant voices. The trick to having a nice voice is that you have to maintain a balance, an overly nice voice will make people think that you are fake and just a people pleaser. On the other hand, if you sound more authoritative you will probably have a lot easier time getting your point across to most people. If you want to know how to have an attractive voice as then my recommendation is to check out my recent article How to make voice clear and soft? ( Fast and Easy ).

Practice speaking with others and focus on having a nice voice

Daily small talk can have a massive impact on your actual voice if you are not used to small talk or generally speaking with lots of different people than your voice will sound like you are not confident. This is mostly due to the fact that you do not practice talking to other people, trust me small talk goes a long way, it not only will make you have a nicer voice but it will also boost your confidence when it comes to communicating with other people.

These practice small talks can be about any topic, no need to tell strangers your life’s story as they will definitely not care and when the second time they will meet you they will outright avoid you to not to get dragged into another cringy conversation with you. One of the best places for small talks, if you do not want to practice it at your workplace, is at the local shop or mall. Just ask the seller for some information about the product, you don’t even have to want to buy the product, just ask some questions and stir up a conversation if possible.

If you are so shy that even the idea of having small talk with another person makes you blush or actually frightens you then you have confidence problems, don’t worry I will address the topic in this article also. If you are serious about getting a better speaking voice you can always learn some speaking voice training lessons.

Speaking confidently will result in a nice voice

People judge your confidence if you are not confident enough you will never be able to develop a nice voice. Although this is mostly a male problem, as women are not judged so harshly when it comes to confidence, in fact, a lot of people like shy women. Men have a lot of confidence issues, mostly because they do not have a permanent role model in their life like father when they go to school the only men from which they can learn how to speak and behave are other boys which oftentimes leads them on the wrong path.

Most teachers are women, if the boys do not have a fatherly figure at home they will find it very difficult to have a good voice that actually makes people listen. Confidence when speaking means that you are firm in your beliefs and you are convinced that your idea is good, if you fail to actually trust in your gut instinct that your idea is good, you will have a hard time having a nice voice. Shy people no matter if they are male or female have one thing in common when it comes to their voice, which is the lack of confidence.

Confidence when speaking is not something you can learn overnight, you will have to practice talking to other people and you will notice that over time people will start listening and even conversating with you about random stuff. By talking with confidence I do not mean that you should have an overly deep voice in an attempt to scare everybody to listen to you, but to speak calmly and clearly, so everybody can hear you.

Yelling while speaking will make your voice sound unpleasant

You have probably come across people who rely on yelling to get their voice listened to. Most often these people are in some sort of management position and in a sheer act of desperation as to why nobody is listening to them they will start yelling because maybe that will do the trick. It is not entirely their fault that their talking voice is a yelling one, they have probably learned this behavior at home while their parents were arguing, simply put for them yelling at other people gets results.

The problem with yelling is that most people will not actually listen, no matter how hard you yell, in their minds you are just a small scared dog that is barking at the mailman, sooner or later it will become background noise and you might find yourself not being invited to social events and excluded from all gatherings. Some people confuse speaking confidently with yelling, a person who is often yelling doesn’t sound confident at all, it is the exact opposite of that.

Speaking slowly makes your voice sound nicer

If you want to know how to make your voice sound more attractive then one of the easiest and fastest ways is to speak slowly. If you have noticed at some social events when there is quite a background noise and everybody is listening to one person then you know what I am talking about. By speaking slowly not only you will sound like you have a nice voice but you will also sound more confident. The trick is to have actually something good or funny to say so other people will listen to you.

Most shy people are so low in confidence that they are afraid of speaking up, thinking that they might say something wrong or other people will start laughing at them. If you are one of those persons who laugh at anything no matter if it’s funny or not, then you have to stop, it looks cringy and it only shows other people that you would rather laugh at other peoples jokes than to actually participate in the discussion. You have probably noticed that there are a lot of charismatic movie stars who speak slowly in a more monotone fashion like John Wayne.

Most people confuse these people who speak slowly with people who have a deeper voice, although if you try to speak slowly you naturally will have a deeper voice. In order to have a beautiful speaking voice, you will definitely learn to speak slowly, just keep in mind that there is such a thing as speaking way too slow, which you should avoid at all costs.

Record and listen to your voice

If you are not satisfied with your voice you will have to find out why it is, although if you are listening to your voice for the first time then you might find that it sounds weird or even awful, if you want more information check out my recent article Why does my singing sound awful recorded? ( Top 10 Reasons ). Do note that the device with which you are recording yourself will also impact the quality of your recorded voice, my personal recommendation is to get a condenser microphone for the best quality.

Once you have recorded your voice it is time to listen to it, take notes of what you do not like about your voice, and think of ways on how you can improve to have a nice talking voice.

Reading out lout will make your voice sound nicer

One of the easiest ways to have a nice voice is by reading out loud, it doesn’t even matter what kind of book you are reading. The more you read out loud the better your talking voice will become, not only you will get used to listening to your voice but you will also start speaking correctly. Who knows you might even pick up a new word or two which could even impress other people. My recommendation is to read something related to your industry in which you are working, this way you will learn the industry terminology and you will have a lot easier time when you are using these words in a conversation.

Breathe from the diaphragm while speaking to have a nice voice

Most people use their chest or head voice when speaking, this will make them run out of breath in a very short period of time, which in turn will make them speak as fast as possible in order to convey the information to others. This not only makes you sound weak but also with very low confidence, as people who tend to speak fast sound extremely shy. You have to learn how to breathe using your diaphragm, this way your body will have enough air and pressure to keep you talking for long periods of time with a nice calm and soothing voice.

If you want to know how massive of a difference is speaking or singing from the throat vs the diaphragm is then read my recent article Singing from diaphragm vs throat ( Which one is better? ).

Your pitch determines how nice your voice sounds

If you want to learn how to get a nice voice then you absolutely must learn to watch your pitch. If you have ever listened to a person with a high-pitched voice you probably noticed how awful they sound. Be mindful of your pitch and try to control it by speaking slowly and with plenty of air by breathing from your diaphragm. If you do not know if your pitch is high then my recommendation is to record yourself and compare it to other people’s pitches.

People with a nice speaking voice tend to have charisma

Most people are a blank slate trying not to stand out from the crowd, and they sure do sound like that. People with a strong personality and charisma have no problem getting their point across even if they do not actually have a nice voice. You have probably met a couple of persons who simply say what they want and don’t care about other peoples feelings, while most people will think that these are bad persons, in fact, these people have a strong personality and charisma and this will make their voice sound authoritative and even nice in some cases.

By having charisma I am not saying to become the class clown, but simply have a set of values and do not tiptoe around sensitive subjects.

Opening your mouth wider will make you sound nicer 

Yes, you have heard it right, in order to have a nice voice you have to speak with an open mouth. I know this is a no-brainer but there are a lot of people who speak simply from the throat or nose and they barely open their mouth. Oftentimes if you look at one of these people when they are speaking you wouldn’t know if they are speaking or yawning. Go in front of the mirror and say a couple of words, your lips should open and close and not stay partially open while you are speaking them.

Look interested when listening to others speak

Now you might ask yourself what do I mean by looking interested, simply put when other people are talking you have to look interested and not like some people do either out of focus or not even registering what the other person is saying. While looking interested will not make your voice nicer directly, however, it will make people listen to you and this will definitely make your voice nicer in the long run.

It is far easier to have a conversion with someone who is showing interest in the subject matter than with someone who is not even listening.

A voice coach can help you with having a nice speaking voice

Voice coaches can actually teach you how to get a nice voice, although my recommendation is to get a voice coach in your area and not some online voice coach. Online voice coaches do not have the time to actually learn about you and to figure out how they can actually help you to have a nice voice due to the limited time which they can teach you. On the other hand, if you get a voice coach you will see improvements in a couple of sections or weeks.

Get to the point when speaking

Nobody likes when you are telling a story and you focus on some little meaningless detail. Get to the point in such a fashion that what you are saying actually makes sense, too few details are also not the best idea, so try to make a balance. Oftentimes in my group of friends, there are a couple of people who start telling a story and they get stuck on some minor detail, after a few seconds you can see people rolling their eyes already.

Although this has nothing to do with having a nice voice, it still helps you to get people to listen to you.

In conclusion

There are a lot of different ways to how to get a nice talking voice, but it will take a lot of focus and practice on your part. My recommendation is to identify why you do not have a nice voice, first by recording yourself and then trying to improve on your flaws.