How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week ( 13 Easy Steps )

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Improving your singing voice takes a lot of effort and focus, the shorter your goal is to improve your voice the harder it will become. How determined you are to improve your singing voice will dictate how fast you will actually improve, some singers can improve their singing voice significantly, while others will simply take more time to see the improvements. However, even if the predicted time to improve your singing is somewhat longer than what you have imagined, just keep on practicing as you will reach your goal eventually.

You can improve your singing voice in a week by practicing as much as you can. The most important thing which will determine how much improvement you will have for your singing voice in a week is your ability to breathe correctly while singing. Focus on breathing exercises every day, and you will see a significant improvement in your singing voice in just a couple of days.

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As in everything in life, there are people who speak about their goals and dreams and those who actually practice and work on their goals in solitude. There will come a point in time when you as a singer get a break, this can come in many shapes and forms, but in order to capitalize on this break, you will need to bring your A-game as a singer. There will be times when you will need to improve your singing voice in a week or even in just a couple of days, while some doubt that a week makes any difference, but trust me one week could give you the extra edge as a singer.

If you have read my recent article How to get a deeper voice in 5 days? ( In 7 Easy Steps ), you already know that with hard work and determination, you will be able to change your voice significantly, even in such a short period of time as 5 days. Do note that following the below tips and recommendations will not make your singing voice magical if you are a beginner, however, you will definitely see some improvements in just a week.

How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week

Improving your singing voice in just one week may not lead to dramatic changes, but there are some strategies you can try to make noticeable progress. First, prioritize proper vocal warm-ups and exercises to prepare your voice and improve its flexibility. Practice breath control techniques to enhance your vocal support and endurance. Pay attention to your posture and ensure you’re singing from a relaxed and supported diaphragm. Work on pitch accuracy by practicing scales and intervals.

Listen to recordings of professional singers in your desired genre and analyze their technique and style. Finally, focus on practicing consistently throughout the week, even if it’s for shorter durations. Remember, developing a strong singing voice is a continuous process that requires patience, dedication, and ongoing practice.

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Breath Correctly

Breathing as hydration is vital for your singing voice, luckily you can learn how to breathe correctly for singing in just a couple of days, although you should probably know how to breathe correctly even if you are a beginner singer. Breathing correctly is one of those pillar techniques which you as a singer should be able to do without even focusing on it if you are not at that point already then you will have to practice till it becomes second nature.

A lot of singers even in our modern age with ease of information on all subjects still think that they should sing from the throat, do not make this mistake. If you want more information on why you shouldn’t sing from the throat then read my article Singing from diaphragm vs throat ( Which one is better? ).

Get To Know Your Singing Voice

Most vocal coaches will say that you will have to warm up if you want to have a good singing voice. While this is true, but if your goal is to improve your singing voice in a week then you need to listen to your voice first. Too many beginner singers make the big mistake of simply just practicing and not actually listening to their own singing. You as a singer have to identify your shortcomings when it comes not only to your singing but also to your voice in general.

If you are a beginner singer and you find that your singing voice doesn’t sound too pleasant then check out my recent article Why does my singing sound awful recorded? ( Top 10 Reasons ), and you will probably find the true reason why you sound awful. Once you are familiar with listening to your own singing voice you will have to be critical of your voice, do not lie to yourself as you will be only fooling yourself.

In addition, if you can not be critical of your singing voice, then my recommendation is to ask somebody who is an actual singer to help you out by criticizing your voice as honestly as he possibly can.

Have Good Posture

As a singer, your entire body is a musical instrument, just like any other instrument if you do not hold it correctly then it will not sound as good as it should. Most beginner singers do not even consider how important having a good posture is, but imagine what kind of sounds would a piano make if it would be hung up upside down, it will probably sound awful. As your main goal is to improve your singing voice in a week you will have to focus on having a good posture which actually helps your voice.

Having a good posture doesn’t only help with your singing voice but is also vital for your breathing if you do not have the correct posture your lungs will not be able to fill up with as much air as possible, and you will not have the needed airflow to hit the higher notes.

Knowing Which Words To Put Emphasis On

This is probably a no-brainer for any singer, but you would be amazed at how many singers I have come across who do not actually know the lyrics of the song. Oftentimes, beginner singers or people who do not sing in their native language have this problem. If you are either of the two, make sure that you know the actual lyrics of the song which you will be singing at the audition or casting.

If you are not a good English speaker it will be extremely difficult to sing English songs as you will not be able to put emphasis on the words as you should, this will result in your singing voice sounding like you are just making up the words and not really understanding them. No matter what kind of song you choose to sing at your big audition, with a simple Google search you will be able to find the lyrics of the song and simply learn them.

Drink Plenty Of Water

If you have read any of my articles you have probably noticed that I put a lot of emphasis on hydration, simply because it is extremely important. If you want the quickest fix to your broken singing voice then hydration is the answer. Most people think that by hydrating themselves they will hydrate their vocal cords also, in fact, that is not how the body works. Hydrating the vocal cords is not a priority of the body, but with good hydration, you will replenish all the water which you exhale during the singing and simply breathing.

Practice Every Day

If you want to get good at anything you will have to practice. Although if you have never practiced singing in your life you should not imagine some miracle to happen in a week when it comes to singing. While practicing make sure that you do not have a blindfold on, which means that do not practice for just the sake of it, you need to practice to get better. Just as in the gym once something gets easy it is time to use heavier weights, in terms of singing you should focus on higher and lower notes or any other shortcomings your singing voice may have.

Severn days is not a lot of practice, if you want to make it as a singer you will need to practice a couple of months at least to have a somewhat good voice. However, if you have been already practicing for the past couple of months and you want to improve your singing voice in a week then you should pick a song that you will be performing at your audition and practice it.

Sing Songs That Improve Your Voice

There are a lot of singers who like a certain singer and they simply choose to sing a song based on it. However not all songs are meant to be sung by everybody, some might be harder to sing than others, while some will actually be out of your vocal range. Singing a song that is out of your vocal range will make you sound amateurish at best, this doesn’t mean that you are a bad singer, it simply means that the song which you have chosen to sing isn’t well suited for your vocal range or voice.

If you are a male singer and you do not know your actual vocal range then my recommendation is to check out my recent article What is the average vocal range male? ( Range, Scale and Chart ).

Projecting Your Voice

As a singer, it is necessary to have the ability to project your voice. Projecting your voice simply means that you sing louder at certain intervals which the song demands, while a successful singer can achieve this fairly easily, but beginner singers do have a lot of hardships with it. Oftentimes beginner singers will sound either way too loud or they start singing as fast as possible which will make you sound fake and weird at the same time.

Do note that while you pick the song which suits your voice you will have to study how the actual artists are projecting their voice. Watching video clips made in studios isn’t the best way to learn a song’s voice-projecting technique, my recommendation is to study versions of the song which are sung live in front of an audience, just make sure it is not actual playback.

Warm-up Your Voice

Your voice has to be warmed up, although a lot of beginner singers do not consider a warm-up as an integral part of singing due to misinformation. If you want to actually hear how important warming up your voice is then you should record yourself singing right after you have woken up from your night’s sleep. After that simply make a couple of vocal and warm-up exercises for 30 minutes and then record yourself singing the same song, the difference will be night and day.

Channeling Your Emotions Into The Song

Every song has a story to tell, some are sad and some are happy, and some are just simply bizarre. No matter what kind of song you wish to get good at singing in a week you will have to be able to channel your emotions into the actual song. This ability is what makes the difference between a good and a mediocre singer. If you as a singer have the ability to channel your emotions into the song then you will see that the audience will feel those emotions, in essence, this is why you are a singer, to give certain emotions to the audience.

Most beginner singers will have a fairly difficult time channeling their emotions into the song, they either do not focus on it or they focus on way too many things at once to even notice that they should focus on provoking some emotions from the audience. I know that this will be difficult for beginner singers, but one of the easiest ways to learn this is by simply reading to people, once you have a grasp on channeling your emotions through reading then you will have a much easier time doing it while you are singing.

Reading Out Loud

Yes, you have read it correctly, in order to get a better singing voice in a day, you will have to read out loud. This way you will strengthen your vocal cords and neck muscles, in addition to this, you will learn how to breathe properly and most importantly when to breathe. My personal recommendation is if you have already selected a song at which you are good at, then identify what kind of song it is, either sad or happy and read a book which has the same emotions.

This way you will also learn how to properly channel your emotions into the song once the time comes.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Practice is good but if you do not let your body rest and recover you will not be able to sing properly. Your body needs to get around 8 hours of sleep every day in order to recover from the previous day’s effort. While singing doesn’t sound like a lot of effort, it actually puts a lot of strain on your body. You will only know how much strain it puts on your body once you start practicing singing seriously every day.

Have A Clean Diet

I will not go into too much depth as I have already written a detailed article on this one, ( Top 18 ) Foods to improve singing voice. Do note that what you drink also affects your voice significantly, search around my site as there is an in-depth article on it as well. You as a singer have to take good care of your vocal cords and of your general health, if your body has to constantly fight the junk food which you eat then it will not have the energy to actually improve your singing voice no matter how hard you try.

Key Takeaways

  • Warm up your voice daily with vocal exercises and stretches to prepare your vocal cords for singing.
  • Practice proper breathing techniques to support your voice and improve your vocal control. Focus on diaphragmatic breathing and engaging your abdominal muscles while singing.
  • Work on vocal exercises that target specific areas of improvement, such as pitch accuracy, vocal range, or vocal agility. Practice consistently throughout the week to build muscle memory and improve your overall singing abilities.


How can I improve my singing voice in 2 days?

While significant improvement in two days may be challenging, you can make progress by focusing on proper breathing techniques, vocal warm-ups, and practicing vocal exercises. Consistency, dedication, and working with a vocal coach or taking lessons can help you see gradual improvement over time.

How fast can I improve my singing voice?

The speed of improvement varies depending on individual factors such as talent, practice routine, and dedication. With regular practice, proper vocal training, and consistent effort, you can expect to see improvement in your singing voice over weeks, months, and even years of dedicated practice.

How can I train my voice to sing better?

To train your voice and improve your singing, focus on proper breathing techniques, vocal warm-ups, and exercises that target vocal range, control, and flexibility. It’s beneficial to work with a vocal coach or take singing lessons to receive guidance, personalized feedback, and tailored exercises that can help you develop your voice effectively.

Is 30 minutes of singing enough?

While 30 minutes of singing can be a valuable practice session, the amount of time needed for improvement varies for each individual. Consistency is key, so aim to establish a regular practice routine and gradually increase your practice time as you progress. Quality of practice, focus, and targeted exercises are more important than just the duration of singing time.