How to make your voice deeper ( 13 Fast and Easy Steps )

There are a lot of reasons why anybody should desire a deeper voice, no matter if they want a deeper voice for singing or for speaking. Generally speaking, people with deeper voices tend to be more authoritative, and they can get anybody to listen to them easily. Oftentimes beginner singers try to fake their voice so that it is deeper while singing, although some can pull it off successfully, however, most of them do sound fake.

There are two main things you can do to make your voice deeper that work both for males and females, practicing humming and doing physical exercise. Practicing humming will make your vocal cords stronger, and the stronger they are the deeper your voice sounds. Physical exercise will also make your voice deeper by increasing your testosterone, which directly impacts how deep your voice is.

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For males is actually a lot easier to develop a deeper voice than females, this is mostly due to the difference in anatomy between the two of them. Although with a lot of practice anybody can get a deeper voice, although it could take some longer than others. The trick in getting a deeper voice no matter for singing or for speaking is to focus on getting the deeper voice as soon as possible, your body will have to go through some changes before you will have a permanent deep voice.

If you are a male who wants to get a deeper voice, my recommendation is to start with my recent article What is the average vocal range male? ( Range, Scale and Chart ), this way you will know what your baseline voice tone should be. Usually, males have a baritone voice although there are some which sound very feminine like a soprano. Do not worry as even if you are a soprano you will still be able to get a deeper voice.

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Practice humming to get a deeper voice

Humming is not only good for singers but also for people who want to have a deeper voice, although it will take some time before you see noticeable effects. My recommendation is to start humming every day for a couple of minutes, you can do it even while you are showering. By humming your vocal cords will vibrate and will expel any excess mucus or any other stuff which might be on your vocal cords, in addition to this humming also strengthens your vocal cords and thus making your voice sound deeper.

Exercising makes your voice deeper

At some point you have probably come across a person which has a naturally deep voice, if you did odds are that this person was either fairly large or was physically fit. Also if you are a male during puberty you have also probably noticed how your voice got a lot deeper than it was before puberty. Testosterone plays a big part in having a deeper voice, both in males and females, although having a higher testosterone count is a lot easier to be achieved by men than by women.

Simply put, the more muscles you have the higher your testosterone count is and this excess testosterone will directly impact your voice and it will make it a lot deeper. One of the easiest ways to raise your testosterone is by doing a physical activity such as going to the gym. Do note that simply going to the gym a couple of times will not make your voice deeper magically, consistency is the key and if you keep going to the gym you will definitely get a deeper voice after a while.

Fake a deep voice until it becomes natural

If you have been reading the articles on my site you have probably already noticed that I oftentimes recommend singers who want to change their voice to fake it till they make it. Believe it or not, there are a lot of successful people who faked it till they have made it, not only in the music industry but in all kinds of competitive industries. You might have to fake having a deep voice for a while, but this fake deep voice will become a lot easier after a while, and eventually you will have a natural-sounding deep voice.

Your diet impacts how deep your voice is

Diet plays a big part in how deep your voice is, there are a lot of foods which do actually benefit your voice, if you need a more in-depth perspective about how diet affects your voice check out my recent article ( Top 18 ) Foods to improve singing voice. Just keep in mind that there are also a lot of foods that will actually hinder you from developing a deeper voice. As testosterone plays a big part in having a deeper voice you will have to consume foods that help boost your testosterone, no matter if you are female or male.

If you are a female singer do not worry of a little excess testosterone as your body will naturally eliminate it with estrogen. Estrogen makes your voice sound more feminine as it is the main female hormone, and if your aim is to have a deeper voice no matter if you are male and female then you should avoid at all costs food types that contain high levels of estrogen. As a male, you should be extra careful as there are a lot of very popular products that either contain a lot of estrogens or they facilitate the production of estrogen.

One of the biggest problems with estrogen is that it actually lowers your testosterone count, and the main culprit in your diet will probably be soy-based products. Soy-based milk is especially harmful in reducing your testosterone and increasing your estrogen levels, making your voice sound feminine, and if your goal is to get a deeper voice then you definitely have to avoid soy at all costs.

Speak in front of a mirror with a deeper voice

By observing yourself speaking in front of a mirror with a deeper voice you not only will hear how you actually sound but you will also notice some problems. Mainly one of the biggest problems will be that you will probably force your neck muscles to get a deeper voice. As your body is not used to speaking in a deeper voice and it is not used to use the neck muscles so much you will have a hard time initially, but with some practice, the neck muscles will become stronger and at that point, it will be a lot easier.

Readout loud with a deeper voice

One of the easiest ways to strengthen your muscles and vocal cords for a deeper voice is by reading out loud. Grab a book and start reading, it doesn’t even matter what you read as long as you keep reading with a deep voice. With enough practice sooner or later you will also start speaking with a deeper voice naturally, all it takes is time and a conscious effort in maintaining that deep voice while you are reading.

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Do note that if your mind tends to wander off while you are reading to focus on maintaining the deep voice and always keep reading out loud.

Speak clear and calm with a deep voice

You have probably already noticed that people who do have a deeper voice that they are speaking slow, clear, and calm. They are not rushing anywhere especially if they are telling a story, their tone is generally deep and the words come out clearly so everybody can understand. You probably have a friend who tends to speak fast, usually, these people tend to have a more feminine voice and in order to tell a story they mumble the story as fast as possible, odds are if you do not know a person like that than it is probably you.

People tend not to give any importance to people who do not speak clearly as they honestly get bored of asking follow up questions, usually, they will ignore the person or their body language will communicate to hurry up and finish the story as nobody cares or understands.

Body language can make your voice deeper

Body language will affect how deep your voice will be and how people do perceive you. If you and others consider you as a “nice guy” odds are that you have a very submissive body language and you will try not to offend anybody. When you walk into a public space, take a look at the tables and you will pick up who the dominant person is in that group in a matter of seconds. No matter how many people are at the table you will only remember the dominant person as the other ones are way too submissive to stand out in any shape or form.

Body language affects both the voice of males and females, although it is far easier for males to change up their body language in order to get a deeper voice. Generally speaking, shy and weak males when they go to a public place to meet some friends tend to rush inside quickly finding their friends and avoiding eye contact with everybody. This behavior actually increases stress levels and will increase your estrogen levels thus making your voice sound very feminine.

On the other hand, if you walk into a public space calmly, try to make eye contact with everybody, and walk like you actually own the place then people will notice that and act differently to you. This, in turn, will also raise your testosterone level although for a short time but it will be enough to have a deeper voice. Just keep in mind that having a confident body language once in a while will not magically change your voice into a deeper one, you should always act confident no matter what.

Open your mouth wide while speaking  to have a deeper voice

There are a lot of people who speak with their mouths almost closed, even some singers tend to do this. Oftentimes people who speak like this can make it extremely hard for the listener to listen to what they are actually saying, and it is only a matter of time till the listener loses interest and actually stop listening. If you speak with an open mouth to let the words come out clearly and by slightly pushing down your tongue you will sound deeper.

Calm breathing while speaking will make your voice sound deeper

No matter if you are a singer or not, breathing is extremely important for singing and for speaking as well. If you run out of breath you will find that your voice will become higher and higher as the more you gasp for air. You need to breathe calmly while you are speaking and singing this way you will have enough power in your lungs to speak or sing with a deeper voice, even if you do not naturally have a deep voice.

Your diaphragm plays a big part in how deep your voice sounds

If you are a singer then you probably know that in order to be able to sing well you will need to learn to use your diaphragm. If you oftentimes use only your throat to sing and speak then you are doing it wrong, if you want more information on the subject, check out my article Singing from diaphragm vs throat ( Which one is better? ). Singing and speaking are not that different from each other, but the main difference between them is how much airflow you will need.

If you are not using your diaphragm to breathe while you are speaking then you are limiting how powerful your voice will sound, and it will limit your ability to speak or sing with a deeper voice.

Not drinking enough water can make your voice sound weak

Water is essential for speaking and singing, although most people do not even consider that water can actually alter their voice. You will need to hydrate your vocal cords not only to prevent soreness but also to have the ability to change your voice. If you have an important meeting ahead then you should drink plenty of water before, this way while you are talking you will not get thirsty and dehydrated.

If you have ever heard somebody speak with a dry voice then you probably noticed how thin their voice sounds, this is why you should always hydrate yourself.

In conclusion

There are several things that you can make to have a deeper voice, no matter if you are male or female. Although you should keep in mind that how deep your voice is mainly dictated by your vocal cords, and sadly there is nothing you can do about the thickness of your vocal cords. Generally, speaking people with deeper voices have thicker vocal cords, while people with thinner vocal cords have a softer more feminine voice.