How to sing better for bad singers ( The Honest Truth )

If you are a bad singer that doesn’t mean that you should abandon your dreams of being a singer, just look around in the music industry and the thousands of untalented bad singers making big money due to other factors than a good voice, if they can make it then so should you!

Singing is subjective, what someone thinks is bad singing might actually be considered good singing from somebody else’s perspective. If you are a bad singer then you can get better by simply practicing as much as you can, hard work often beats talent when it comes to singing. Your first task should be to identify the reason why you are a bad singer, work on it and practice with the goal of getting better at singing in mind.

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The hard truth is that not all singers are good ones, most singers are mediocre at best and some are even awful. However, even if you are a bad singer you can enjoy and have fun singing. In some cases where the singer is so bad that it is actually good, they can even make a career out of their bad singing. What most singers tend to forget is that singing is meant to entertain an audience, if you manage to do that with the bad singing you have indeed achieved your goal as a singer.

If you simply listen to today’s music you will probably find that there are a lot of bad singers, and it boggles your mind that how can they be successful to a point where they can live of singing professionally without any actual skill or talent. Well if you have read my recent article Famous tone deaf singers ( Top 13 ), you probably noticed that there are a lot of successful bad singers. Let us face it one of the qualities of becoming a singer is not to be tone-deaf, however, even singers who are tone deaf have somehow managed to make a career with singing.

Good singers who know they are good usually look down on people with bad singing voices or singing techniques although almost always both of them have the same chance of succeeding. It is the same thing that happened in high school, you probably knew a couple of persons who were the teacher’s pet. They seemed to know the answers to everything and other students either loved them or hated them for this.

Once the teacher’s pet leaves high school or even college and is faced with the hardship of reality most of them break down and get some meaningless job. This is the same for some good singers who actually think they are better than anybody else. So if you are a bad singer, keep your head and chin up, with sheer determination you can make it eventually all you have to do is to believe in yourself.

Do not let somebody else’s opinion of you become your reality

Identify why you are a bad singer

Now if you are a bad singer you know you have some kind of hurdle that will actually stop you from getting better as a singer. The good news is then in most cases the lack of experience and practice are the main reasons why you are a bad singer, and this problem can be easily fixed with enough practice. Sometimes there might be underlying health issues mainly within your throat or lungs which will not let you sing correctly, if you find it difficult to breathe while you are singing then you should make an appointment with a doctor to find out if it is health-related.

The problem with bad singers is that they tend to simply ignore their possible problems which are holding them back as a singer. As with everything in life if you know that you have a problem then it is a good idea to resolve it as quickly as possible. If for some reason the problem which is holding you back from being a good singer can not be resolved then find a way to work around it, others have done it and so could you.

Bad singers can become good singers with time

Most singers lack confidence even the ones who are talented, however, bad singers should still own their bad singing and capitalize on it. What is the worst thing that can happen if you sing in front of somebody, tell you that you are a bad singer? Well, you already know that, and it really shouldn’t stop you from singing. With each time you will sing in front of a crowd you will gain more confidence, while good singers will mostly shy away from singing in front of a crowd due to their lack of confidence, you will simply outplay them and sing as often as possible.

Bad singing is subjective and even bad singers can find their audience

Bad and good singing is fairly subjective, it is like art, while somebody seeing a “painting” with a dot on it will think it is garbage, others will look for meaning and purpose of the dot, and eventually, they will think that it is good art. Just take a look at modern art and you probably will not know which one is drawn by an actual artist or by somebody’s cat.

This is the same for singing, even if multiple people say that you are a bad singer, if you put yourself out and make yourself heard with your singing sooner or later you will find some people who will actually find your voice beautiful. Sometimes the actual equipment which you are using is either low quality or not functioning correctly which can make you sound like a bad singer if you might think that this is the problem then check out my article Why does my singing sound awful recorded? ( Top 10 Reasons ).

Use autotune if you are a bad singer

Now you are probably thinking why would somebody recommend any singer to use autotune, the answer to this is fairly simple because everybody is doing it. While in the past studios were meant to create good and original music by clever editing and mixing of the songs, but nowadays the technology has progressed so much that you can make anybody sound like a good singer. This is even true for live singers, most of them do use some kind of software that will put a filter on their voice to alter it just a bit, especially at the parts where they are struggling.

There are a lot of bad singers who use autotune especially on social media, and you might notice that some of these have a fairly large following. Some might even make record deals, their voice doesn’t really matter as they can alter it in the studio and any record label’s goal is to make money and not to actually have talented singers. The hard truth that even bad singers with some kind of following on social media can make it as a singer, for the simple fact that they are marketable.

Bad singers can improve by singing karaoke

Even bad singers can have fun singing at a karaoke club, usually, the atmosphere is fairly chill and people are there to have fun. You will come across some people who sing karaoke and think that they will be discovered by some record label or scout, however, the chance of this is extremely low so simply enjoy it even if you are a bad singer. I will even help you out with what songs to sing if you are a bad singer, just check out my recent article Best karaoke songs for bad singers ( Top 27 ).

Bad singers have to be determined to become good singers

You have probably done something stupid in your life out of sheer determination, either to prove something for yourself or to prove someone wrong. Now you need to find that same determination into something productive like singing. You can become a successful singer even if you are a bad singer out of sheer determination. The music industry is extremely competitive and this is great for determined people, for shy and unfocused people it will be a nightmare.

If you had a friend who was often talking about his dream no matter how stupid it seemed to everybody else, the truth is that most people have a limited focus. If they think that your idea is stupid it is not because the idea is actually stupid it is because they can not think themself being able to do it so they will try to convince you that if they can not do it then you also can not do it.

Bad singers can improve by outworking talented singers

A lot of people think that in order to be a good singer you have to be born with some kind of talent or at least have an inclination towards singing from a young age. This far from the truth as there are a lot of singers who with sheer work and determination have become good singers. There is a fine line between being a god and a bad singer, and you can easily cross this line with hard work. The truth is that singing is not for everybody no matter if you are a good or a bad singer, some can not take the pressure, some can’t take the increasing competition and so on.

The good news is that if you are a bad singer you can only go up from there, even small improvements in your singing will sound massive to you and your audience. On the other hand, if you are a naturally talented singer you are probably more focused on other aspects of singing than the actual singing itself like how to sing better certain notes and genres.

Work on your image if you are a bad singer

If you are a bad singer you have to somehow stand out of the crowd. You have to look like a superstar even if you can not back it up with your voice. If you have seen any of the current singing talent contests you probably heard the phrase “who is going to buy here records” and usually this is aimed towards talented singers. The problem is that most singers no matter if they are good or bad, are not actually marketable as they fit way too well into the crowd.

As record labels’ first and only priority is to make more money, the simple fact that you stand out from the crowd could potentially win you an audition. There are people who try to stand out of the crowd with simple shock value or some bizarre outfit. Try to remember what was the first thing you remember of Lady Gaga, here singing or here over the top outfits and sometimes bizarre behavior.

This is the same case with Miley Cyrus, she has been a Disney star since childhood but as she wanted to pursue her career she knew that she has to stand out from the crowd, and she usually relied on shock value both on stage and in music videos. Now I am not saying that you should imitate any of the above persons as there are way too many copycats of the two of them, come up with your own image that somehow reflects your bad singing.

Bad singers should have realistic expectations

As I have mentioned above, singing is not for everybody, especially if you want to make it as a professional singer. You have to set your goals high as a singer but at the same time, you have to have realistic expectations, do not quit your day job just because you got a compliment on your singing from one of your drunk friends. Consider singing as a hobby and have fun with it, even go to some auditions just for the sake of it, who knows you might win an audition or two.

Far too often people want to be the next best thing since sliced bread, although you will never be able to outshine good singers with your singing you might be able to do it in some other ways. Even talented singers fall into the trap by winning some small audition they think that from there on life will be good and they will start winning auditions. The problem is that the music industry is always changing and some might even find themselves completely ignored as a singer even if they have a good voice, they simply are not what sells at the moment.

Bad singers can still entertain people

A lot of people tend to forget that every singer is in the entertainment business, which means that you will have to entertain people either with your good singing or with your bad singing. Bad singers are usually somewhere between a concert and a comedy show, once you cross the line into being a comedian singer it will be very hard to go back to singing seriously. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter, if you are a bad singer but you can entertain people no matter how small or big of a crowd you have then you should consider yourself a singer especially if you make some money with it.

Learning to entertain people is not only important for singers but for everybody performing in the music industry, I have seen countless DJs, for example, doing funny or awkward stuff just to entertain people.

In conclusion

If you are a bad sing it doesn’t have to mean that you should give up on singing, far from it. Own your bad singing and try to work with it, the trick is not to take it overly serious like some other people tend to do. As a bad singer, you will hear the critics everywhere, but their opinion doesn’t matter if people who like you will listen to you then why should matter the opinion of a critic.