Singing tips for bad singers ( Top 8 Tips )

There is not a lot of helpful advice online for bad singers, the problem is that there are way more bad singers in the world than good singers, and trust me I have met a lot of bad singers during my life. Believe it or not, there is not that much of a difference between a bad and a good singer, with proper training and singing technique a bad singer could outshine a naturally talented singer one day.

The best tip for bad singers is that they have to practice singing, singing every day will improve your ability to sing, especially if you are fairly bad at it. Another extremely useful tip for bad singers is to focus on breathing techniques for singing, usually, most singers are considered bad because they do not know how to breathe and this makes them sound out of tune.

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There are three types of bad singers, the ones who really do not care if they are bad at singing as they only sing for fun, the second type is the one who knows he is a good singer and is determined to become a good singer, the third type is the delusional one. The problem that most bad singers are facing is that nobody is taking them seriously, the truth is that anybody can learn how to sing in a matter of months, although their quality of voice will actually determine what kind of singers they will be.

If you know that you are a bad singer, and you wish to become a good singer then my recommendation is to not quit. There are plenty of bad singers who actually managed to find their voice and to learn how to sing better, just look at some of the singing channels on youtube. While you might think that someone who is making a channel about their singing has to be a good singer, this is far from the truth as there are plenty of channels where the singer started out as a mediocre one and in a couple of months actually managed to learn how to sing better.

Everybody wants to become a singer today, and if it could be that easy then the industry would be even more flooded with talentless singers. The main difference between a good and bad singer is that the good singer actually put in the work to become better. Now you might argue that some people are naturally talented and gifted, this is true but this is the never-ending argument of talent vs hard work, and in my opinion, hard work beats talent any day.

The problem with most bad singers is that they would want to know how to become a good singer in 5 minutes, although a lot of people are selling miracle products which will make your voice better in a couple of minutes, but the truth is that it is virtually impossible to change your voice or become a better singer in just a couple of minutes. While most people think that singing is all about their voice, the truth is that singing is fairly complex and it involves a lot of muscles, control, and even vocal technique to produce a good singing voice, if you are a bad singer then my recommendation is to read my recent article How to sing better for bad singers ( The Honest Truth ).

Singing lessons for bad singers

By far one of the easiest ways to become a better singer is by taking singing lessons, the main problem with bad singers is that most of them are self-taught and they probably didn’t learn from the right people. While some singers can teach themself how to sing without any lessons or a vocal coach, although I highly recommend for bad singers to take singing lessons. Odds are that if you are a bad singer you probably do not know the basics of singing and this is what actually is limiting you.

Remember when you were in school and you never learned math, once the exam comes and you try to learn nothing makes sense because you do not know the basics. This is fairly similar to singing, without the basic knowledge of how to sing you will never be able to sing better. The problem with going to singing lessons is that it is an actual commitment and you will have to study for it, otherwise you will be throwing your money out of the window.

Singing lessons can be fairly expensive, my recommendation, if you are on a tight budget, is to take singing lessons from a student who is studying at a conservatory. Generally speaking the singing lessons from students are a lot cheaper and they do have the necessary knowledge on how to sing to help you out.

Bad singers have to learn a good breathing technique 

Far too many bad singers have breathing as their Achilles heel, the problem is if you can not breathe correctly while you are singing you will not be able to actually sing better. Breathing is the pillar of any good singer, and if your main problem of why you are a bad singer is only that you can not breathe while you sing then you are lucky. There are a lot of breathing techniques which you can learn and use while you are singing if you want to know how important breathing is for singing then check out my article Why is breathing important in singing? ( Top 6 Reasons ).

On the other hand, there are bad singers who can breathe properly, although they might only think that they can breathe properly. The problem is that some bad singers do actually practice breathing techniques, but usually they are practicing the wrong breathing techniques. On what kind of breathing techniques you should focus on will depend on your voice, as not all techniques will work for everybody, you just have to find what works for you.

Practice singing if you are bad at it

If you want to know how to sing well if you have a bad voice then you will have to practice. A lot of bad singers claim they are practicing almost every day, the truth is that they are practicing either once in a while or just sing a song randomly a couple of times per week, this is not practice. Practice should be goal-oriented, meaning that you have to practice in order actually get better as a singer.

You as a bad singer should already know what is holding you back from becoming a good singer, and you should focus on improving these aspects. My personal recommendation is to make a routine, set aside one hour 5 days a week to practice singing, and set goals which you can achieve in a couple of months. Do not even attempt to learn how to sing high notes if you do not know how to breathe properly, take it slow and work on your breathing first, and this is how to get a good singing voice without lessons.

Do not force your voice if you are a bad singer

A lot of bad singers make a resolution that they will become a better singer in a matter of months, although with proper training this is possible, the problem is that oftentimes bad singers have the wrong approach to singing. While some bad singers will focus on singing higher notes, and others how to make their voice deeper and while they are only focusing on just their voice they tend to force their throat and vocal cords.

Singing is not like going to the gym, pain doesn’t mean that you are improving, pain while singing means that you are forcing yourself and you are either not breathing or singing correctly. You as a singer will have to take care of your voice and avoid any potential damage, otherwise, you are putting your health at risk and the last thing you want as a bad singer is to develop vocal cord nodules.

Bad singers can learn to sing from home

Believe it or not but most beginner singers have actually learned to sing at home, some of them even managed to make a career out of singing. On the other hand, there are plenty of singers who have learned to sing from their home and they are still as bad of a singer as on the first day when they started to learn. The problem usually is either they are learning from online sources that tend to contradict themselves or by simply not being able to identify what type of voice they have and what works best for their voice. Luckily for you, I have written an in-depth article on how you can actually learn to sing from home Learn to sing from home ( In 7 Easy Steps ).

There are also singers who think that they are bad but they are actually a fairly good singer, generally speaking, these singers do not use the appropriate equipment to record themselves and this is what makes them sound bad. While a lot of people think that you will need some fancy and expensive microphone to become a singer, the truth is that if you are a beginner singer any condenser microphone will do.

Join a choir if you are a bad singer

A lot of choirs will still accept you even if you are not a good singer, most bad singers do not have a well-developed voice that is powerful enough to outshine the other people’s voice in the choir. I know that singing in a choir doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but think of it like this, you are actually taking singing lessons from fairly good singers for free. This is one of the best ways on how to become a better singer, learning from the best.

You could join even a church choir and you will see noticeable positive effects of your ability to sing in just a couple of weeks. Even if you are a shy singer, I do still recommend you to join a choir, sooner or later you will have to get rid of your shyness and at least in a choir, you are not in the center stage of attention.

Make friends with other singers

Yes, you heard it right, no matter if you are a good or a bad singer it is still a good idea to make friends with other singers. Singing for anybody can be extremely challenging, but if you surround yourself with people who actually have the same goal as you of becoming a better singer then you will have a lot easier time. One of the biggest problems of why some bad singers never get better is that they do everything related to singing alone, but trust me the advice of someone who loves singing will, in fact, help you get better.

Oftentimes bad singers are so focused on one thing that they simply can not notice the elephant in the room, especially if they are focusing on a single aspect of singing. Let others hear you sing, no matter how bad of a singer you might be and you will get some constructive criticism. On the other hand, some singers do take criticism for uploading their singing on social media, the problem is that most people who will critique you are actually not singers, only do this if you are uploading to singing related groups as this is where all the talent and helpful advice will be.

Never give up if you are a bad singer

Far too often one of the reasons why bad singers never become better is that they give up way too soon. Oftentimes what tends to happen is that they go in overdrive mode for a couple of weeks and they actually think that they are a good singer, and simply take a break from it. If your goal is to be a professional singer one day then you will have to keep singing and practicing, taking even just a couple of months of break from singing will make you a worse singer.

You have to be consistent with your practicing and singing, do it as often as you can, just remind yourself that your mission is to become a better singer one day. While working on your goal day by day you will be one step closer to becoming a better singer.

In conclusion

These are my tips for bad singers, I hope you liked it and hopefully, you will take into consideration my advice. Being a bad singer doesn’t have to mean that you can never become a good one, far from it, you just need to work harder to become a better singer, it is as simple as that.