Can anyone learn how to sing well? ( The Honest Truth )

Learning how to sing is fairly complicated, there are so many things you have to know about singing from breathing, voice types, vocal coordination, singing techniques and so one. This is one of the barriers to becoming a good singer, while there are a lot of people who can sing, but most of them do not even know the basics of singing and this is only limiting their ability to sing.

Not everybody can learn to sing well, as there are far too many aspects which make someone a good singer. On the other hand, anybody can learn to sing at some level or another, while most of them will not make it big as a singer, but some will even if they are not a good singer. Singing well is fairly relative, while you might think that you sing well, that doesn’t mean that you can actually sing well.

As a singer, the biggest issue which is holding you back to sing better is not the quality of your voice, but your ability to breathe correctly while singing. Making your inspiratory and expiratory muscles stronger is extremely difficult, so my personal recommendation is to use a respiratory muscle trainer which I do recommend to all my students Click here to check it out on

Most people think that in order for someone to become a singer they either have to be very lucky or talented, the truth is that anybody can lear not sing. The problem is that most people who learn to sing do not sing well, but even if you can not sing well that still doesn’t mean that you should your singing career. There are plenty of mediocre, and talentless singers who are considered by many successful singers.

Singing well isn’t the main focus of any record label, there are so many factors that come in play when record labels look at singers, like how brandable they are, who will buy their records, what age demographic can be targeted. Talent is only an afterthought, as your voice as a singer doesn’t really matter, there are plenty of ways to distort and modify your voice to sound good. Singing well is fairly subjective, some singers consider that they are recognized as good singers once they got their first paid gigs.

On the other hand, there are singers who think that they sing well but they just didn’t get their big break. And lastly, there are delusional singers who blame everything and everybody because they didn’t make it big yet as a singer, and with logic like that it is hard to argue. Although anybody can learn to sing, but not all of them will sing well, some singers might have an edge over the other due to genetics, or because of their parents encouraging their singing.

On the other hand, there are plenty of self-taught singers who actually can sing well. Even for singers who do have a genetic edge over the others, that still doesn’t mean that they will sing well and it doesn’t guarantee that they will become a successful singer one day. If you want to know more about how genetics plays in how well you can sing then check out my recent article Is singing genetic? ( Or is it? ).

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Some singers go to study singing at conservatoriums or universities, although it isn’t really necessary if you want to become a successful singer. Some singers who get a degree in music do it because they feel like having a degree will open a lot of doors for them as they already have the qualifications of being a good singer. The problem is that the music industry doesn’t work like that, anybody with a good voice and some singing talent will be more likely to become a successful singer than a mediocre singer with a degree.

Believe it or not but most people who have a degree in the music field do nota actually become singers. Most of them will pick some low paid jobs which don’t even require a degree. This is mostly because these students will pay anything from $50k-150k to attend these conservatoriums or schools. While they might think that this is an investment in their career, but if they can not actually sing well then it is money thrown out of the window.

I have personally seen plenty of singers with degrees at auditions fairly miserable, all because they thought that having a degree makes them a good singer, it doesn’t. Not only you have to have a fairly good voice to become a good singer but you have to be a commercially viable product which means that if somebody invests in your career they will aspect a profit. If you are planning to become an opera singer then, yes you will need a degree, otherwise, you will probably not have a chance of getting hired, for more information check out my recent article How to become a professional opera singer? ( In 10 Easy Steps ).


One of the most important aspects which can make a singer sing well or not is their discipline. Not a lot of people talk about how important discipline is if you want to learn how to sing better. In my personal opinion, discipline is what differentiates successful singers from hobby singers. Everybody can learn to sing as a hobby, but from there to becoming a paid singer it is a fairly long journey and you will have to be disciplined and dedicated to singing.

Far too many singers give up on their singing carer, after just a  couple of rejections. The problem is that no matter what you want to do in life, you will be rejected, and this doesn’t mean that you are not a good singer. As a singer, it is important not to take criticism and mean comments to your heart, only keep in mind that criticism of people who actually work in the music industry and even then do not take it personally.

Can anyone learn to sing in tune

While you anybody can learn to sing, the problem is that not all of them can sing in tune. Singing in tune is the pillar post of any good singer, no matter how good your voice might be, how talented of a singer you might be if you can not sing in tune then your possibilities as a singer are fairly reduced. There are some singers who are tone-deaf, this means that they can not sing in tune at all because they either do not understand the rhythms of the music or they fail to keep the tune of the song.

Singing in tune can be learned, although if you are tone deaf then it will be a fairly long process. One of my friends who is also a vocal teacher said that teaching someone who is tone-deaf to sing in tune, is something like trying to explain colors to a blind person. I am not saying that it can not be done, but it will be fairly hard. The most common problem of singers who can not sing in tune is that they simply do not have enough experience in singing.

If you have only started singing a couple of weeks or months ago then it is fairly normal if you still can not sing in tune. This becomes a serious problem if you have been practicing singing for years and you still not can sing in tune. If you can not sing in tune, then don’t get discouraged, check out my recent article on how many tone-deaf singers actually made it big Famous tone deaf singers ( Top 13 ).


Can you learn to sing or is it natural

Yes, you can learn to sing, while some people seem to have a natural talent, but this isn’t really a requirement for you to become a singer. Some people have been blessed with good genetics, mainly when it comes to the length and thickness of their vocal cords. The problem is that a lot of beginner singers hear a type of singing voice and they want to imitate it and they will simply waste a lot of time with this, not knowing that their own genetics isn’t helping them.

The one thing that you can not change as a singer is your vocal cords, how thick and how long they are will determine how you sound. There is simply no point in trying to imitate someone who has a different type of voice, as you probably will not be able to sing as well. My recommendation is to learn to love your voice, no matter what you think of your voice, your voice is unique in every way, you just have to learn how to use it in order to sing well.

If you do know that genetics are not on your side when it comes to singing, then your best alternative is to simply outwork people who are naturally gifted singers. I know that this sounds like hard work, which it is, but there are plenty of naturally talented singers who have failed and self-taught singers who did become successful.

Can I learn to sing at 50

Singing doesn’t have an age limit, as soon as you can speak you can start to learn to sing. A lot of people do not think that they can sing at 50, you can, but if you have some medical condition, like most 50-year-olds then it will be a lot harder, but not impossible. A lot of people ed to pick up new hobbies at around the age of 50, some paint, some sing, and others do whatever that makes them happy.

Some people might only become aware of their talent of singing at a later age, while others have sung their entire life, but never actually took the plunge to sing in front of a crowd. Learning to sing at 50 is exactly the same as learning to sing at any age, you first have to learn the basics of singing like, breathing from the diaphragm, singing high notes and practicing vocal exercises. You should also not forget the importance of warming up before you sing, especially if you are 50, s you are more likely to injure your vocal cords, the older you get.

Can anyone learn to sing opera

This really depends on what kind of voice you have and how powerful your voice actually is. While most people can sing at some level, the problem is that for singing opera you will have to have a fairly powerful voice. Let us not forget that opera singers do not use any microphones at all, and their voices have to be powerful enough to fill an entire opera house. Luckily there are plenty of methods on how you can make your voice sound more powerful, and you can find these by searching on my site.

If you can learn to sing opera, and you want to work as an opera singer, then I have some bad news for you. Most opera houses will only hire if you have higher education and a degree in music, without it the possibility to work in an opera house as an opera singer is fairly limited. Learning opera singing isn’t that different as learning to sing any other genre of singing, the big problem comes with your ability to develop a powerful enough voice, and this is where most singers who dabble in operatic singing fail miserably.

In conclusion

Not everybody can learn to sing well, as there are a lot of factors which make somebody a good singer. Although there are plenty of self-taught singers who have managed to become successful. The problem is when somebody has learned to sing, generally speaking, they think like they are special and that they are a good singer, although reality will come and bite them once they sing in front of a crowd.

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