How To Prepare Your Voice For An Audition? ( In 13 Steps )

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Preparing for an audition can be extremely stressful, especially if it is your first audition. Most singers who made it big had to go through some auditions until they got a break. I have seen a lot of extremely talented singers who failed big at auditions, they were either too nervous or they didn’t prepare their voices. Getting rid of nervousness and preparing your voice for an audition are two completely different things.

You can prepare your voice for an audition by getting plenty of rest and by warming up your voice. Ideally, you should start preparing your voice for the audition a couple of days before the audition takes place, this means getting plenty of rest and eating as clean as possible. In addition to this try to avoid forcing your voice, and always have a bottle of water at auditions as it can take a couple of hours until it is your turn to sing.

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The problem is that most singers only focus on one of them, thus limiting their performance significantly. If you are a new singer at your first audition then, try to relax, if you stress yourself too much then this will be noticeable while you are singing. There are some singers who are extremely nervous at the audition, but once they start singing they pull off a 180 and you won’t even notice their nervousness.

Preparing your voice isn’t that difficult, but you have to be mindful of it. Every person’s voice is different and it will react to different stimulations. For example, coffee tends to be extremely bad for the singing voice, but there are some singers who do drink coffee to improve their voice, so experiment a bit with the below options. Your body is a musical instrument, and you have to treat it like that.

If you would play a string instrument you would probably clean it thoroughly, and check for eventual problems before each audition. You have to do this with your voice as well, a well-prepared voice is the first step in being successful at an audition. If you are a female singer and you are looking for some good audition songs then check out my recent article ( Top 132 ) Female songs for singing competition.

How To Prepare Your Voice For An Audition?

To prepare your voice for an audition, follow these key steps: warm up with vocal exercises, practice your audition pieces, focus on breathing techniques, stay hydrated, rest and care for your voice, and mentally prepare for the audition. These steps will help you showcase your talent and approach the audition with confidence.

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Start Preparing Early

A lot of singers do not focus on preparing their voices, and you can easily take advantage of this. The better prepared your voice is the better it will sound, it is that simple. While most singers will focus on preparing their voices right before the audition, you should do it a couple of days earlier. If you start preparing your voice 2-4 days before the audition then you will notice a significant improvement and you will have a higher chance of being successful at the audition.

Prepare Mentally

This is the most important part, you have to prepare mentally for every audition. Believe it or not but even established singers tend to get nervous, there is no way to get around it. The good news is that if you prepare yourself mentally then you have a much better chance of actually being successful. There are some singers who take this lighthearted, only to start shaking once they are in front of the panel.

Prepare Your Voice By Visualizing The Audition

This is an old trick I have been teaching to my students and it goes like this. Close your eyes and visualize how will the audition play out, by that, I mean every step from you entering the room. Most auditions will have a marked location where you have to stand and sing. Visualize this mark and imagine yourself walking towards it. The panel will probably ask you a couple of questions, so think of what they might ask. Now imagine yourself singing, and that’s it.

While you are doing this, all kinds of different scenarios will play out in your head and you will be prepared for all of them. Just keep in mind not to focus on the smaller things like where you place your hands and so on.

Prepare With A Positive Attitude

Everybody loves a positive person, this makes you seem more approachable and easier to work with. The problem with most singers is that after they have failed at a couple of auditions they start to think of auditions as a negative experience, which for some singers it might turn into one.  It is extremely important that you think of the audition as something positive. Just think about it this way, you are being judged by the highly qualified people in the music industry for absolutely free, most people would pay a lot of money just to hear their opinion.

Don’t Force Your Voice Before The Audition

A lot of singers tend to practice a lot of the songs which they will sing at the audition. While this is a good idea, just keep in mind not to overdo it. Generally speaking, the more you sing the better you can get at it, but you have to be extremely careful not to force your voice right before an audition. If the song which you have picked to sing at the audition has a lot of high notes and you are struggling with them, then you should most likely pick another song.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Most singers do know that they need to drink plenty of water, but most of them make the big mistake of hydrating themselves right before the audition. Hydrating yourself before the audition is a good idea, but in order to prepare your voice, you will have to start focusing on hydration a couple of days earlier. My personal recommendation is to focus on hydrating yourself, 2-4 days before the audition. The main reason why I recommend this is that it takes time to hydrate and lubricate your throat, and one day is not enough for that. If you are having problems with lubricating and hydrating your vocal cords then check out my recent article Best throat spray for singers ( Do they work? ).

Eat Light Food The Day Before The Audition

Your body uses up a lot of energy, water, and time to digest food. If you eat junk food then your stomach will have to work extra to digest it. Your goal as a singer is to allow your body to focus on repairing and maintaining your voice, and you can do this by eating light foods. I am not saying that you should go on a diet, but a day before the audition starts try to avoid salty and fatty foods as these are harder to digest.

By Eating Fruit

Fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which your body needs to maintain your vocal cords healthy. Most professional singers eat some fruits before an audition as breakfast if the audition is in the early hours of the morning. You should eat fruits that are high in vitamin C, as this boosts your immune system which fights off infection. There are plenty of readily available fruits that you can eat to help out your voice, my personal favorites are oranges and kiwis.

Clear Your Throat And Voice Before The Audition

As a singer, this should already be in your daily routine, if not then you should definitely include it. While you are sleeping your vocal cords will be covered by a thick layer of mucus, and this is what actually makes the “morning voice”. If the audition is taking place in the morning hours, then make sure that you wake up earlier and focus on clearing your throat and getting rid of your morning voice. If you want more information about getting rid of your morning voice then check out my recent article How to get rid of morning voice? ( Fast and Easy ).

Warm Up Your Voice

You wouldn’t believe how many singers do not warm up, and then they wonder why their throat hurts after singing. Some singers will say that warming up your voice isn’t necessary as it is already warmed up by talking or by singing the first song. The truth is that your voice is warmed up for talking, not for singing, and if the song has higher notes then your voice is definitely not ready to sing them correctly if it isn’t warmed up properly.

By Getting Plenty Of Sleep

Everybody knows how important is sleep not only for their ability to sing but for the well-being of their entire body. The problem is that most singers only focus on rest a day before the actual audition and this is not ideal. Your body needs plenty of time to rest, and having a good night’s sleep once in a while will not make much of a difference. On the other hand, if you start going to bed earlier a week before the audition then your body will have more time to rest.

By Working Out

Working out has a lot of positive effects on your body, especially if you are a male singer. If you work out regularly then you will indirectly prepare your voice, with the help of testosterone. While you are working out you will raise the testosterone levels of your body which will directly impact the quality of your voice. On the other hand, while you are working out you are also helping your body to inhale and exhale more efficiently, both of which are vital for singing.

Know What To Avoid When Preparing Your Voice

There are certain things you should avoid before an audition, as these things will directly impact the quality of your voice. Coffee, alcohol, dairy products, excess salt, and sugar will have a negative effect on your voice. This is why I highly recommend you eat some light food before the audition. Salty and sugary foods tend to dehydrate you, and you might not even notice it, so try to avoid them as best as you can.

Key Takeaways

  • Prior to your audition, it’s crucial to warm up your voice to ensure optimal performance. Engage in vocal warm-up exercises that include gentle vocalization, stretching, and breathing exercises to loosen up your vocal muscles and improve vocal flexibility.
  • Spend ample time practicing the songs or pieces you’ll be performing in the audition. Memorize the lyrics, work on the melody, and pay attention to the dynamics and expression of the music. Practice regularly to build confidence and familiarity with the material.
  • Leading up to the audition, prioritize vocal health by staying hydrated, avoiding excessive vocal strain or shouting, and maintaining good overall health. Get enough sleep, manage stress, and avoid irritants such as smoking or excessive caffeine consumption.


How do singers prepare their voice?

Singers prepare their voice by engaging in vocal warm-up exercises, which include gentle stretching, breath control exercises, and vocalization exercises to gradually warm up the vocal muscles and improve vocal flexibility and control. They also practice proper vocal hygiene, such as staying hydrated, avoiding vocal strain, and getting sufficient rest.

How can I soothe my voice before an audition?

To soothe your voice before an audition, it’s helpful to drink warm, non-caffeinated liquids like herbal tea or room-temperature water to hydrate the vocal cords. Avoid excessive throat clearing or coughing, and consider using throat lozenges or gargling with warm saltwater to relieve any throat irritation.

How do you sing well for an audition?

To sing well for an audition, it’s important to choose a song that suits your vocal range and showcases your strengths. Practice the song thoroughly, paying attention to pitch, tone, diction, and expression. Warm up your voice before the audition, and perform with confidence and stage presence.

How do you prepare your voice for a concert?

To prepare your voice for a concert, follow a consistent vocal warm-up routine that includes exercises to gently stretch and warm up your vocal muscles. Avoid excessive vocal strain or talking loudly before the concert, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Additionally, rest your voice as much as possible and ensure you have proper vocal technique during the performance.