Singers that sound like Adele ( Top 15 )

Adele is one of the most successful singers of our time, and there are not a lot of singers that sound like her. What makes Adele’s voice unique is her vocal technique and the quality of her voice which is extremely hard to imitate. Adele is a Mezzo-Soprano with 3 octaves, although some critics do say that she is an alto singer. The main reason why Adele is considered such a good singer is that she can sing emotionally and with power at the same time.

The quality of her voice is not that amazing, there are far more singers who have a higher quality voice than her. As I have said in some of my recent articles, singing is a puzzle, the quality of the singer’s voice is just a small piece of a larger puzzle. Luckily for Adele, she has a very good combination of things that make her sound amazingly, like her voice, vocal technique, and the way she belts.

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From a technical stand of point Adele doesn’t sing correctly, she often relies on her falsetto instead of her head voice. This is because it is easier to hit higher notes with falsetto than with the head voice. The problem is that the falsetto voice might sound good to the listeners, but for the singer, it can be extremely destructive. Singing falsetto is one of the reasons why so many singers develop vocal cord nodules.

Adele has also been affected by vocal cord nodules and she had surgery before to remove them. Although if she keeps using her falsetto voice then the vocal cord nodules will reappear eventually. The singers who sound like Adele either use their falsetto or head voice for higher notes, but producing Adele’s sound comes at a high price if the singer doesn’t use a proper singing technique. Adele sings falsetto, and if you want to know how you can sing falsetto without hurting your vocal cords then check out my recent article How to sing falsetto? ( Without straining or cracking ).

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Andra Day

Andra Day has an extremely similar voice to Adele, and she looks like Rihanna. Andra Day is often categorized as a mezzo-soprano, just like Adele, although she personally thinks that she is a lyric soprano. Categories are excellent to determine the type of singer somebody is but oftentimes, no categories or more categories can be applicable to one singer and this is also the case for Andra Day.

Andra Day‘s voice is extremely similar to Adele’s voice, both singers sing extremely emotionally and with a lot of power. The main difference is that Andra Day relies more on her chest voice than anything else to make her voice as powerful as possible. If you want to know the difference between falsetto and head voice then check out my recent article Falsetto vs head voice ( Top 5 Differences ).

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware is an amazing singer, she doesn’t sing as powerfully as Adele does but her emotional projecting is simply amazing. She is a mezzo-soprano just like Adele and her vocal range is A2 – F5 – B♭5. Jessie Ware knows how to use her voice to get an emotional response from her audience and you will see people oftentimes closing their eyes while listening to her at concerts.

Lauren Daigle

When you listen to Lauren Daigle you might even think that it is Adele that is doing the singing. Lauren Daigle’s vocal range is D3 – E5 – C6, which is extremely similar to Adele’s voice. Lauren Daigle was already a famous singer before she hit it big, she used to sing Christian songs, and she had a dedicated following. Lauren Daigle has also the two necessary qualities which have made Adele famous, power and emotional singing.

Lauren Daigle mostly relies on the belting technique, and you will definitely notice that she is amazing at it. Some critics say that she is even better at singing emotionally than Adele, and if you listen to her song You Say, you will notice why. If you are a new singer and you want to find your voice then check out my recent article How to find your voice? ( Top 11 Methods ).


If you have ever listened to Skinny Love then you have noticed that Birdy has a lot in common with Adele’s voice. Birdy is extremely good at singing emotionally, and she knows when she has to use more power. The biggest difference between Birdy and Adele is the tone, Birdy has a more delicate tone while Adele has a powerful tone. A lot of critics consider Birdy to be a younger version of Adele, although with time she will probably outshine Adele.

Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre has a very interesting voice, most critics categorize her as having a deep warm voice, which is extremely similar to Adele’s voice. Ella Eyre is from the same country as Adele is, the UK. Although both singers have a British accent when talking, you will notice that none of them have an accent while singing. This is because most singers lose their accents once they start singing.


Duffy has been compared to Adele plenty of times, and while you are listening to Duffy it might not be that clear why this comparison even exists. Both singers have the same qualities, power, and emotional singing. The main difference between the two singers is that Duffy has a nasal sounding voice. Their natural pitch is also different but for some songs, they are extremely similar.

Sam Smith

You have probably thought that you will only see female singers on the list, but Sam Smith has a very similar sounding voice to Adele. Both singers became famous for their emotional singing, and both of them can sing with a lot of power. Sam Smith is also a British singer just like Adele is, and if the two of them would ever make a collaboration together they would probably top all the charts.

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Frances isn’t yet a well-known singer, but she is surely on the way to becoming one of the best singers of the decade. Frances is not only a singer but also an established songwriter, she knows how to write songs that highlight her voice. Most critics agree that she sounds like Adele, both in terms of power and emotion, but Frances’s voice is rawer than Adele’s.

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith is an established singer, who has a voice that is extremely similar to Adele’s. Most notably her tone is extremely similar to Adele’s. She is also a mezzo-soprano, with a vocal range of B2–A5, and if you have ever listened to her song Only Love Can Hurt Like This you will definitely notice the similarities between the two singers.

Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes is a British singer with a vocal range somewhere between G3 – F6. What makes Nathan Sykes so similar to Adele is the types of songs that he is singing and the emotions that he can project into the songs. His voice is best for ballad songs, just like Adele’s is, and if you listen to his song Over and Over Again, then you will notice the similarities between the two singers.

Leela James

Leela James is an excellent singer with some amazing qualities. While she is singing you will notice she is a combination of soul and R&B. Both of these genres require a lot of emotional singing, and this is where the similarities between the two singers begin. The main difference between the two singers is the tone which they are using, Leela James’s tone is rich but not quite as powerful as Adele’s.

Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson is relatively a new singer, although she has started to be compared to Adele fairly regularly. Ella Henderson’s tone, voice, vocal power, and emotional projecting is very similar to Adele’s. Although she is just at the beginning of her singing career, there is no doubt that in a couple of years she will become a household name. Her rise to fame was made by the show X Factor in Britain, and she has a couple of extremely popular songs like Ghost and Missed.

Corinne Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae is a British singer, although some say that she doesn’t even come close to Adele’s voice, but she is excellent at projecting her emotions. Her voice type is somewhat different than Adeles is but she does have the qualities of an excellent singer, which is power and emotional singing. Her signings style is a combination of soul and R&B, and this is what makes her excellent in projecting her emotions.

Elle King

Elle King sounds like a combination of Adele and Duffy, but with a twist of rock. If Adele would sing rock then she would sound like Elle King. She is an extremely powerful singer with a rather unique voice type, her emotional projecting can go from fun and quirky to sad in an instant. She is also excellent in controlling her pitch and tune, she knows she has a good voice and she also knows how to use it.

Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne is the Adele version for dance music, both singers have extremely similar voices and the only difference between the two is the genre of music which they are using. Adele tends to favor ballad music while being accompanied by piano, while Jess Glynne is mostly using electro and dance music. Jess Glynne is also extremely good at projecting her emotions and singing powerfully.

In conclusion

As you can see there are not a lot of singers who sound like Adele, although some do come extremely close. One of the main reasons why there are not more singers who sound like Adele is that not a lot of singers can pull off emotional singing and singing with power. Although most singers have one of the two, but combining them efficiently and to sound good is a challenge for most singers, both new and established ones.