Singers With 6 Octave Range ( Do They Even Exist? )

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Generally speaking, most people have an average octave range somewhere between 1.5 and 2, although this is most common for untrained voices. Singers generally start around the 3-octave range and the higher their octave range is the better singers they are considered to be. There are some singers who throughout their career reached the 4-5 octave range but these are a minority, people with even higher octave ranges like 6 are extremely rare.

There are two singers with a 6-octave range in the world currently, Dimash Kudaibergen and Mike Patton. Some people claim that Axl Rose also has a 6-octave range although the truth is that his octave range is only 5. Currently, there are no female singers who have a 6-octave range, but new talent is getting discovered every day and it is only a matter of time until we have a female singer with a 6 octave range.

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At the moment there is only one singer with an octave range of 10, Tim Storms and he holds currently the world record in the octave range. I would love to hear the voice of the person who manages to beat that record but somebody out there has probably an even higher octave range.

Generally speaking, singers with high octave ranges have either been born with this ability or had to work since childhood to achieve it. Singers who are naturally talented and have a 6-octave range tend to be younger than the ones who have to learn to expand their octave ranges. However, as you will see in the below list of singers with a 6-octave range you will notice that not all of them have a natural ability to sing with a 6-octave range.

The main reason why there are so few 6-octave range singers is the difficulty of some voice types, arguably one of the most difficult singing types is alto singing which very few people master if you need more information about alto singers, check out my recent article Famous alto singers ( Top 12 ).

Singers With 6 Octave Range

A six-octave vocal range is an incredibly rare and impressive feat, as it spans an extensive range of musical notes. While such singers are exceptionally rare, there are a few notable vocalists who have been recognized for possessing this extraordinary ability. One such example is Mariah Carey, renowned for her incredible vocal range and ability to hit the highest of notes. Other singers like Dimash Kudaibergen and Axl Rose have also demonstrated a wide vocal range, showcasing their ability to effortlessly transition between different octaves. It’s important to note that having a six-octave range requires exceptional vocal control, technique, and years of dedicated practice.

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Dimash Kudaibergen 6 Octaves D2-D8

If you heard about Dimash Kudaibergen then you probably think that he is a Chinese singer which is false, he actually is a Kazakh singer which made it big in China. He started singing at an early age and was mainly focused on opera and classical music. However, in early 2010 he decided to switch up singing styles to grasp a wider audience as not so many people are listening to classical and opera music.

Dimash Kudaibergen had very limited opportunities to make it big in Kazakhstan, he and his tutors knew he had a great voice but he lacked the audience for it. He decided to compete in several singing contests in China, he was extremely popular and once the episodes of “The Singer” have been uploaded to youtube he became an overnight international sensation. Dimash Kudaibergen is one of the few people who can correctly and reliably sing with his entire 6-octave range.

Dimash Kudaibergen is a naturally talented singer, he has been born into a family full of singers and in several interviews, he claimed that this is what created his amazing 6-octave vocal range. He was actually singing with a 5-6 octave range even since childhood without any effort and without him even knowing how rare his gift is.

Mike Patton 6 Octaves D1-F7

Mike Patton is an American singer, songwriter, and actor, although he has dabbled in most parts of the music industry he is most knowns for his amazing singing talent and the 6-octave range which can pull off flawlessly. He actually thought he has a 5-octave range but during a test with VVN Music, he found out that he is actually a 6-octave range singer. If you do not know how massive the difference is between 5 and 6-octave ranges just imagine Mariah Carey has only a 5-octave range.

During the late ’80s, Mike Patton formed a band named Mr. Bungle, they created several demo tapes which they managed to convince some radio stations to play. Although in more recent interviews Mike Patton claimed that they didn’t consider the demo songs to be any good and the band was somewhat even ashamed of the songs. However, after listening to their demo songs on the radio a lot of people became interested not in the band but in the lead singer which was Mike Patton.

He eventually got contacted by Faith No More which wanted to replace their lead singer with Mike Patton, after a couple of days of hesitation Mike agreed, and the rest as they say it is history. Once he joined Faith No More he became very popular and the band didn’t even think he would make such a massive impact, let alone being able to sing with a 6-octave vocal range.

Female Singers With 6-octave Ranges

Unfortunately, there are currently no female singers who have managed to reach the 6-octave range. This proves how extremely difficult is for singers to hit this elusive octave range, however even if a singer has only a 4-5 octave range they still can be an amazing singer if they stick to their specific genre of music that suits their vocal range. However it is not excluded that in the following years, we will have female singers with 6-octave ranges, mostly due to the numerous singing contest hosted around the world, someone eventually will take the title of the first female with a 6-octave vocal range.

How Many Singers Have A 6-octave Range?

As you have probably already noticed there are only two singers which are definitely 6-octave range singers, Dimash Kudaibergen and Mike Patton. Some would argue that Axl Rose has also a 6-octave vocal range, however, he has never been recorded to have a higher octave range than 5. Throughout the history of musicians and singers, there were probably a lot of singers who did, in fact, have a 6-octave range or even above, however, the actual test of how high a person’s octave range is relatively new so we have no clue how singers from the past without any recordings on hand sounded.

Key Takeaways

  • Known for her extraordinary vocal range, Mariah Carey is often cited as a singer with a 6-octave range. Her ability to hit high notes with precision and control has made her one of the most successful vocalists in history.
  • Dimash Kudaibergen, a Kazakh singer, is also recognized for his incredible 6-octave vocal range. He has captivated audiences with his ability to effortlessly transition between lower and higher registers.
  • The lead vocalist of Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose is known for his powerful and versatile voice, which allows him to reach a wide range of notes. His dynamic singing style showcases his remarkable 6-octave range.


What singer can sing 6 octaves?

While it is rare for a singer to have a vocal range spanning 6 octaves, Mariah Carey is often recognized for her exceptional vocal range that covers approximately 5 octaves.

Who has a 10 octave vocal range?

There is no known singer with a 10 octave vocal range. The human voice typically spans around 2-3 octaves, and claims of significantly larger ranges are generally unsubstantiated.

Does anyone have a 10 octave range?

No, it is physiologically impossible for a human to have a 10 octave vocal range. Claims of such extraordinary ranges are likely exaggerated or based on misunderstanding the concept of octaves.

What is Ariana Grande’s octave range?

Ariana Grande is known for her impressive vocal abilities, and her vocal range is estimated to be around 4 octaves, spanning from approximately E3 to C#7.