Singing While Running? ( The Truth )

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If you follow some singers on social media then you might have noticed that some of them sing while they are running. This technique is also used in some music schools but not a lot of singers actually adopt this style of vocal exercise. The problem with singing while running is that it is mostly meant for advanced singers, as doing both of them at the same time takes a lot of self-control and determination.

Combining running and singing simultaneously can lead to dizziness and a sense of lightheadedness. Dividing your focus between the two activities makes you more prone to accidents or injuries. Additionally, singing while running depletes your oxygen supply, which can affect your performance and stamina. Without proper technique, you risk straining your vocal cords and potentially causing vocal damage

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This doesn’t mean that beginner singers can not improve their singing while they are running, far from it. The truth is that beginner singers will actually notice a much bigger difference in their voice than established singers, and all this by doing a couple of laps around the neighborhood. The main reason why not a lot of beginner singers practice singing while they are running is that they can barely breathe while they sing.

Combine their inability to hold a note properly with a cardio exercise like running and you will have an extremely short workout. Singers who are used to working out regularly will have an easier time trying this method out, but not all workouts are equal. If you are used to lifting heavy weights then running and singing will be a challenge. On the other hand, if you are used to doing cardio then singing and running will be definitely easier.

If you are new to both singing and running as well then you should take it one step at a time. Practice singing and start running a couple of times per week. It will take around 2-3 weeks for your body to adjust to these and at that point, you can start combining the two. If you want to know how working out affects your voice then check out my recent article Does working out change your voice ( Yes! But How? ).

Singing While Running?

Singing while running, also known as “singing on the run,” is a unique and invigorating experience that combines the benefits of physical activity with the joy of singing. This practice allows individuals to engage in two activities that promote well-being and self-expression simultaneously. Singing while running can help improve lung capacity, breath control, and overall vocal stamina. It can also enhance the runner’s mental focus, reduce stress, and provide a sense of relaxation and enjoyment during exercise. It’s important to choose songs that match the running pace and maintain proper breath support to avoid straining the voice.

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It Clears Your Airways

One of the benefits of singing while running is that it clears your airways. While you are doing this exercise you will inhale and exhale at a fast pace, this will allow your body to clear your airways, extremely efficiently. Even if you have good hygiene you will still not be able to clean your airways as singing and running will do. In the first couple of minutes of doing this exercise, you will notice that all the excess mucus has been dislodged from your vocal cords, which will make you sound a lot better.

Do note that in order to do this exercise to have the best effects on your voice, you have to stay hydrated. If you are running and singing while you are being dehydrated then this will cause you a lot more harm than good. Don’t use cold water, as this will constrict your vocal cords and it will alter your singing voice. If you find yourself getting worse at singing even with plenty of practice then check out my recent article Why am I getting worse at singing? ( Top 11 Reasons ).

Expands The Lungs

The lungs are the most important organs for singing, a lot of people will tell you that everything is in the technique, which for the most part is true but if you do not have the needed lung capacity to hold the notes then your singing technique doesn’t even matter. While you are running and singing your lungs will expand and contract while you are inhaling and exhaling. This is not your ordinary or resting breathing.

As the body needs a lot of oxygen for this exercise it will allow the lungs to expand as much as possible. The bigger your lung capacity is the better you will sing and you will have no problem holding a note for as long as it takes. While you are running your body will figure out the pace at which it needs to breathe, don’t force it, let your body do its magic. After a couple of weeks, you will notice that this will do wonders for your singing.

Builds Stamina

There are a lot of very talented singers who never get noticed because they simply lack stamina. Stamina is extremely important for singing, without it, your talent doesn’t really matter. A good singer has both excellent voice quality and enough stamina to be able to sing the song without much effort. If you have ever felt tired after you have sung a couple of songs then this is a telltale sign that you don’t have enough stamina.

Singing and running at the same time is an excellent way to increase your stamina, both for singing and for running as well. Just keep in mind not to overdo it, your body needs rest after such a physical activity so take a breather once in a while and aim for lower distances in the beginning. You will notice that you have more stamina for singing after the first couple of weeks, so keep it up.

Strengthens Breathing Muscles

Expanding your lung capacity is not enough for singing, you will have to strengthen all the muscles which control your breathing. One essential component for breathing is your diaphragm, which a lot of singers already know but most of them try to strengthen it with singing. While this is a good idea, but it is not enough. If you truly want to strengthen your diaphragm and the muscles which control it then start running and singing at the same time.

While you are running put one of your hands on your stomach and you will notice that your abs will be constantly contracting and relaxing. While this process is going on your diaphragm will also get a nice workout. This is why so many runners have six-packs, so you not only get better at singing with running but you will also develop your abs.

Excellent Cardio

If you have deer been to a gym then you have most likely heard the term cardio. Although most of them refer to a type of exercise for losing weight, which it is, but cardio means a type of exercise that works out your heart by increasing your heart rate. Some songs can be a great cardio workout, generally speaking, songs that have a fast tempo are the best. Although one of the best ways for a good cardio exercise is with running.

While you are running you will notice that your heart will pump faster, this is normal as your body needs a lot more oxygen and nutrients while you are exercising. So your heart speeds up a bit to supply the demand. After your body will get used to singing and running at the same time you will notice that your heart will no longer pump so fast as it will develop its own rhythm. if you have some medical condition make sure to check your doctor.

Aids In Breath Control

Breath control is extremely important for singers, but it is kind of hard to develop. Singers like Beyonce have been running while singing since an early age, and this is how they have developed their breath control. Singers who start at an early age developing their breathing control tend to get an edge over others who have never developed a consistent breath control technique. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can not learn it or even aster it if you have started later.

Your body has a natural rhythm, once it gets used to the physical exercise, and yes singing is a form of physical exercise. This is why so many beginner singers struggle with breathing, but in a couple of weeks of practicing breath control, they develop their own breathing techniques. While you are running and singing you will also develop your breathing technique, for some, it can happen in a matter of weeks, while for others it can take a couple of months.

Helps With Posture

A lot of singers neglect the importance of posture while singing, and then wonder why they are going out of breath while singing and getting tired after a couple of minutes of singing. How you hold yourself while you are singing will determine how you will sound. Your body is your musical instrument, and just like with any other instrument you don’t see musicians using their instruments upside-down.

One of the biggest problems for beginner singers is that they tend to have a hunched back while singing. This is because they got used to singing while holding their smartphone in their hands to read the lyrics. In the good old days, the lyrics were placed on a pedestal which was at chest height, this way the singer only had to look in front of them. The good news is that this can be fixed, you can simply not run with a hunched back, and your back will naturally straighten to allow you to run more efficiently. The more you run the better your singing posture will be. If you want to know more about how your posture affects singing then check out my recent article Singing while Sitting VS Standing ( Which is Better? ).

Helps You Lose Weight

Although not a lot of people are willing to talk about it but your weight does directly impact your voice. Now don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean that you have to be slim to be a good singer, far from it. Just look at any good opera singer, most of them tend to be heavy and they still have a magnificent voice. But your body composition does impact your breathing, stamina, and voice quality, for some of them, it makes their voice better while for some it makes it worse.

Running will burn a lot of calories, and if you combine running with singing then you will burn even more calories. You will lose some weight while you are doing this exercise and you will notice that you will no longer go out of breath while singing and you will have much more stamina.

Builds Confidence

Confidence is probably one of the major determining factors on how you will actually sound. There are plenty of singers with excellent voices but as they lack confidence they struggle even with the easiest songs. The first couple of times you will run and sing at the same time you will most likely feel miserable especially if you are not used to doing physical activities.

This is normal behavior as our brain does not really like new stuff, especially if it means using extra resources. In a couple of weeks of doing this, you will notice that running and singing at the same time doesn’t make you feel miserable, instead, it makes you feel more confident and even liberated.

Increases Your Energy Levels

Increasing your energy levels can be difficult, especially as we spend most of our days sitting down. The problem with energy is that your body needs a very good reason to increase your energy levels, it won’t do it just for you to sit and watch Netflix as it would be pointless. Most people have such bad daily routines that their energy levels are always down, and you probably know a couple of people like this as they tend to give off a strange vibe or feeling.

Running takes a lot of energy, this is why you are feeling so tired after the first couple of runs. But with time your body gets used to running and it will raise your energy levels through the day, as it will be prepared to run at a moment’s notice. This is why it is extremely important to go for runs in a consistent way, once in a while won’t do it.

Key Takeaways

  • Singing while running is extremely beneficial for singers as it clears your airways, expands the lungs, builds stamina, strengthens breathing muscles, is excellent for cardio, aids breath control, helps with posture, helps you lose weight, builds confidence, and increases your energy levels.
  • Running is a cardiovascular exercise that increases your heart rate and improves overall fitness. Singing while running combines the benefits of cardio exercise with vocal training, helping to improve your endurance and vocal performance.
  • Singing while running can be a meditative and stress-relieving activity. It allows you to combine the physical exertion of running with the expressive and creative outlet of singing, promoting a sense of relaxation, focus, and overall well-being.


How can I practice singing while running?

Singing while running can be challenging but can be practiced by focusing on breath control, maintaining proper posture, and selecting songs with manageable vocal demands. It’s important to start slowly and gradually increase the difficulty to ensure a balance between vocal technique and physical exertion.

Can you sing and exercise at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to sing and exercise simultaneously. However, it requires careful coordination of breath control, vocal technique, and physical movements. It’s recommended to consult with a vocal coach or trainer to ensure proper technique and avoid strain or injury.

How do singers sing runs?

Singers perform runs by executing rapid and consecutive melodic ornaments, involving quick and precise changes in pitch, rhythm, and articulation. Developing control over breath support, vocal agility, and accurate pitch recognition is essential for executing runs effectively.

Why do singers do runs?

Singers use runs as a way to add embellishments, style, and expressiveness to their performance. Runs can enhance the melodic interpretation, showcase technical skill, and add artistic flair to the music.