Do Singing Lessons Work? ( Top 11 Reasons )

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A lot of singers stick with teaching themselves how to sing, which is a good idea for the most part but sooner or later you will need some advice. Just like in any field of study, there are people who practice their craft and there are the ones that teach their craft. Both of them have a different perspective on how things should be done and oftentimes these two sides do complement each other.

Singing lessons are highly valuable as they provide an avenue for improving your voice through expert guidance and consistent practice. Vocal teachers possess knowledge and experience in teaching effective techniques to enhance your vocal skills, such as projection and pitch accuracy. They can help you develop proper breath control, expand your vocal range, and refine your overall singing abilities.

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If you have a good voice but do not have a good singing technique then you will find it extremely difficult to get better without singing lessons. Singing lessons can make even a bad singer sound good with some work, but a good singer who hit a brick wall in their progress will find it extremely hard to progress. There are a lot of singing lessons both online and offline, generally speaking, these lessons are good both for beginners and advanced singers.

The biggest draw of singing lessons is that they will improve your singing ability and they will open new doors for you. There are two types of singing lessons, online and offline, online singing lessons can be either personalized ones or online courses for the general public. The problem with online courses is that they are not made specifically for you, their main goal is to reach a broad audience.

Everybody’s voice is different and it is extremely important that you choose a personalized voice lesson rather than a generic online singing course. Don’t get me wrong singing courses are good and all but they are mostly for complete beginners, even if they are claiming to include advanced techniques. If you are wondering if singing is inherited or if it can be taught to anybody then check out my recent article Is singing genetic? ( Or is it? ).

Do Singing Lessons Work?

Yes, singing lessons can be highly beneficial in improving your vocal skills and overall singing ability. Singing lessons provide structured guidance and instruction from trained vocal coaches or teachers who can help you develop proper vocal techniques, expand your vocal range, improve breath control, enhance pitch accuracy, and develop better vocal resonance and projection. Through vocal exercises, warm-ups, and targeted feedback, singing lessons can help you identify and correct any technical issues or bad habits in your singing, while also building confidence and stage presence.

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Singing Lessons Make You A Better Singer

Generally speaking, singing lessons will make you a better singer, I am not saying that you 100% need singing lessons but if you go head to head with a singer who only taught themselves then you will definitely get an edge. As a singer there are a lot of things on which you have to focus, the problem is that it is extremely hard to focus on doing everything right and you will most likely neglect an aspect of singing, like proper breathing technique or even posture.

Personalized singing lessons tend to focus on your personal singing style, this is why I highly recommend them. Once the teacher has an idea about what kind of singer you are, they can direct you on how you can improve. There are some singers who think that they got it all, but they still fail all their auditions, odds are that they are doing a small mistake that ruins their ability to sing and this could be easily resolved with a singing lesson. If you are not sure that singing lessons are for you then check out my recent article Can anyone learn how to sing well? ( The Honest Truth ).

Singing Lessons Teach You How To Breathe While Singing

Most singers think that the first singing lesson with a vocal coach will be all about singing. The truth is that in the first session, the vocal coach will mostly observe your breathing technique, singing quality, posture, and so on. There are certain qualities that make somebody a good singer, and some vocal teachers are so good at picking up these qualities that most of their students make it big.

The first thing a vocal teacher will focus on while you are singing is how you are breathing. Breathing is what makes or breaks a singer if you have a good voice but a bad breathing technique then your chances of making it as a singer are fairly slim. On the other hand, if a singer doesn’t have the best voice but they do have an excellent breathing technique then their odds are a lot higher. The good news is that breathing techniques can be learned it just takes time. If you want to know more about breathing exercises for singers then check out my recent article Breathing exercises for singing ( Top 11 Exercises ).

Singing Lessons Will Expand Your Vocal Range

Singing lessons will actually expand your vocal range, just don’t expect miracles. Everybody has a limit when it comes to their vocal range, this limit is mostly determined by your vocal cords, lung capacity, gender, and overall body composition. While you are taking the singing lessons your vocal teacher will teach you how to experiment with different singing styles and singing genres. Through these experiments, you will gradually expand your vocal range and you will be like a born-again singer.

Singing Lessons Will Help You Find Your Voice

A lot of singers go through life without actually finding their true voice. Generally speaking, most singers do not find their true voice either because they are singing in a genre that isn’t the best for their voice or because they lack something which doesn’t allow them to find and develop their true voice. Some singers struggle for a long time to find their true voice, but with the help of a couple of singing lessons, you can speed up this process significantly.

In the first couple of singing lessons, your vocal teachers will point out what you are doing good and what you need to work on. Once you start improving and working on your shortcomings you will notice that you have found your true voice. There are a lot of singers who hire a vocal coach just to find their voice, and more often than not they will actually find their true voice.

Singing Lessons Will Give You An Edge

Singing lessons will definitely give you an edge over singers who have never taken a lesson before. Singing is an extremely competitive industry, and having a good voice doesn’t guarantee that you will be successful. If you have ever watched a singing talent show or if you have been to an audition then you have probably noticed that there is a lot of talent out there but only a few make it. Due to this massive competition between singers, small things can make a massive difference.

This is why there is a massive demand for good vocal coaches if you try to book a session with a good singing teacher then you will find that you will have to either wait for a couple of months or they are fully booked for the foreseeable future. Some of the best vocal teachers only work with a few select singers, and they charge a lot of money for it. While others only work with singers who have the potential to make it big.

Singing Lessons Provide Valuable Experience

To get better at singing you will need a lot of experience, the problem is that if you are a fairly new singer then it will be extremely hard to learn new things. This is where the vocal teacher comes into play, most vocal teachers are experienced singers and they know a lot about the music and singing industry. This information is extremely valuable for you as a singer, you either experience them which can take a long time or you can learn from your vocal teachers’ experiences.

This is the age-old dilemma, time vs money, in my experience, you can always make more money, but you can never recuperate time. After a couple of online or offline singing lessons, you will know how much you actually do not know about singing, and this experience can be an eye-opener for a lot of singers.

Singing Lessons Help With Identifying Why You Are Struggling With Singing

A lot of singers will hit a brick wall in their progress sooner or later. Generally speaking at this point they either give up singing entirely or ask for the advice of a vocal teacher. Do not give up, brick walls will be in front of you throughout your journey as a singer, but with some help, you will be able to get over them. Singers who have taken a break from singing for longer periods of time will find that in theory, they know how to sing, but for some reason, they do not sound as good anymore.

With the help of a couple of singing lessons, you can easily bounce back and sing as you have done in the past. Odds are that there is only a small issue with your singing which you didn’t even think about, and with the advice of your vocal teacher, you will quickly find the problem.

Singing Lessons Will Open New Doors

This is probably one of the biggest industry secrets, vocal teachers will help you get your first gig and you are more likely to be successful at an audition. Although this is mostly true for vocal teachers who are well-known in the industry. This is why some vocal teachers are so expensive, they know that they have a word in the industry. If you have been to some singing audition then you have probably noticed that some singers will mention their singing teacher.

They do this because if the vocal teacher is well known then this will directly impact the audition. The more reputable vocal teachers only work with a few select singers, their singing lessons are extremely high quality and the judges at the audition already know this, thus giving you a massive edge over your competition. Some online vocal teachers are also well known in the industry, but generally speaking, most high-profile vocal teachers will only do in-person sessions.

Singing Lessons Will Get You Back To Reality

We have all seen singers who thought they are the next best thing, only to start singing and every dog and cat in the neighborhood to start howling. Some singers are simply so full of themselves that they are actually hindering their own progress as a singer. Being a good singer takes a lot of time, and your voice will start slowly changing with the more you know about singing. As a singer having confidence is an excellent trait, but being too full of yourself will only cause you problems.

Now if you look at singers who are currently at the top of the charts, you might notice that most of them are simply delusional. This is because no matter what and how they sing they will be always praised, and this will only feed into their god complex.

Singing Lessons Will Teach You How To Entertain

Way too many singers simply forget why are they singing, some singers think that the people who come to listen to them either come because they have a good voice or because they are famous singers. The truth is that people go to an event or concert to be entertained, there are a lot of singers who are not internationally famous but pull in massive crowds as they know how to entertain. Some teachers will tell you that this is a skill and it will come with time.

The truth is that most vocal coaches do have experience singing on stage and they can give you a couple of excellent examples of stage banter, which every entertainer should use, no matter if they are singers or not.

Singing Lessons Boost Confidence

I left the best part to the end, a lot of singers struggle with confidence, but as soon as you take a couple of voice lessons you will feel a lot more confident. This happens mostly because before you were not sure if you are doing things correctly, and once you get advice from an expert then it will feel like all your insecurities are gone. You will notice this effect at auditions as well, just ask around to see who has taken singing lessons and you will notice that the ones who did are a lot more confident.

Key Takeaways

  • Yes, singing lessons do work as vocal coaches have a lot of experience and they will be able to make you a better singer. In-person singing lessons are the best, as this way the vocal coach will be able to personalize the singing lessons based on your needs and strengths as a singer. On the other hand, online singing lessons are mostly good for beginner singers as they tend to have general singing lessons rather than personalized ones.
  • Singing lessons can help you become more aware of your voice and its capabilities. You’ll learn how to properly use and control your vocal instrument, enabling you to sing with greater precision, clarity, and expressiveness.
  • Singing lessons can boost your confidence and help you develop performance skills. Working with a vocal coach allows you to receive feedback, refine your stage presence, and gain valuable experience in singing in front of others. This can be particularly beneficial if you aspire to perform in public or pursue a career in singing.


Is it worth getting singing lessons?

Yes, getting singing lessons can be highly beneficial for aspiring singers. Professional vocal instruction helps develop proper technique, enhances vocal control, expands vocal range, and provides valuable feedback and guidance to improve overall singing skills.

Will singing lessons make you a really good singer?

Singing lessons can significantly improve your singing abilities and help you become a better singer. With consistent practice, guidance from a skilled vocal coach, and a focus on technique, you can develop vocal strength, control, pitch accuracy, and other important skills that contribute to becoming a proficient and confident singer.

What is the best age to start singing lessons?

There is no specific best age to start singing lessons, as it depends on individual circumstances and goals. However, it is generally beneficial to start singing lessons at a young age to develop healthy vocal habits and build a strong foundation. Nonetheless, it’s never too late to begin singing lessons, and adults can also make significant progress with proper training and practice.

Can you actually sing better?

Yes, through dedicated practice, consistent training, and proper vocal technique, it is possible to improve your singing abilities. Singing is a skill that can be developed and refined over time, allowing individuals to enhance their vocal range, control, tone, and overall singing proficiency.