( Top 18 ) Foods To Improve Singing Voice

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As with everything we eat it tends to change our bodies in subtle ways, oftentimes some of the foods that we eat can have a significant impact on how our voice sounds. As a singer you will need all the edge that you can get, generally speaking, successful singers tend to have a fairly strict diet, and their entire diet is made with keeping their voice in the best shape possible.

The foods that improve your singing voice have several qualities like protecting your vocal cords from injury and are also beneficial for your lungs as well. Fruits and vegetables are ideal foods if you want to improve your singing voice, these are usually jam-packed with vitamins and minerals which are necessary to keep your vocal cords in top health. In addition to this, the water content of these foods can also impact your singing voice, as they tend to hydrate you for a longer time than drinking water.

If you follow some talented singers you have probably noticed that they have a strict diet. The truth is that what you eat and drink will affect your singing voice, however not all foods and drinks are good for singers, some might have detrimental effects on singing while others might or might not work for everybody. When it comes to foods that improve singing my suggestion is to make a list of the foods which you will find in this article, and start experimenting with which foods will give you an edge for your singing voice.

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When improving your singing voice with food there are two aspects you should take note of, the first is that it should hydrate you, and the second is that it should have enough energy and protein in them so that it fuels your singing voice for as long as possible. Not everybody is convinced that there are certain foods that could improve your singing voice and they just consider them as a placebo effect for people claiming that they are working.

The truth is that no matter what we put in our body will have an effect on our bodies if, you eat chips and sodas all day you probably will never have a good singing voice. Placebo or not it doesn’t really matter if it is working for you just keep on doing it, just be careful of a snake oil salesman who will try and sell you some miracle pill or extract claiming that it will make your voice sound like heaven.

Through my research, I have come across a lot of these snake oil websites, and I have only included foods and fruits which are readily available for everybody for cheap and have a proven noticeable effect on a singer’s voice. If you are looking for ways how to get better at singing, then look no further and check out my recent article How to sing better ( Top 47 Tips and Industry Secrets ).

Foods To Improve Singing Voice

Foods that can help improve your singing voice are those that promote overall vocal health and support optimal vocal function. One important group of foods is fruits and vegetables, which provide essential vitamins and antioxidants. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons can help maintain vocal health by reducing inflammation and soothing the throat. Leafy greens such as spinach and kale are rich in nutrients like iron and vitamin C, which support healthy vocal cords and enhance vocal tone.

Additionally, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and flaxseeds, can help reduce vocal inflammation and improve vocal flexibility. Staying hydrated is also crucial, so drinking plenty of water and herbal teas can keep the vocal cords well lubricated. Lastly, avoiding foods that can cause acid reflux or throat irritation, such as spicy or acidic foods, can prevent vocal discomfort.

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Watermelon is by far one of my favorite foods which improves my singing voice, watermelon mostly consists of water and some vitamins and minerals. You will need to eat a lot of watermelons to be satiated but if your goal is to improve your singing voice your goal should not be to eat as much watermelon to be satiated. Instead, eat a couple of slices of watermelon and take note of when you have consumed it and how long it takes for you to go to the bathroom.

You must find your balance, too much watermelon will make you tiptoe while you sing as your bladder will be filled, too little watermelon and you will not notice any beneficial effects to your singing voice. Most people who eat watermelon for singing or not, generally tend to eat it while it is freshly taken out of the fridge, however, if your aim is to improve your singing voice you should eat the watermelon only when it has reached room temperature.

Eating cold watermelon will affect your singing voice for the worse, just take it out a couple of hours from the fridge before you eat it.


If you are hungry but you have to sing soon, my recommendation is to eat several oranges. Due to their fiber content, a couple of oranges will make you satiated, and the body doesn’t have to struggle as much to digest it, making oranges excellent food for singers. Some people find their throats and lungs are a lot clearer after eating oranges, this is mostly due to the Vitamin C found inside the oranges.

One thing that I have found during some experiments is that not all oranges are good for singers, mainly the ones that are small and lack water content does not help your singing voice. Older oranges tend to have a lot less water content than fresh oranges, this, in turn, will start to use additional sources of water from your body in order to be digested which you should avoid at all costs.

Some oranges in supermarkets are sprayed with orange scent in order to be more appealing to customers, my suggestion is to avoid these at all costs. If you are lucky enough to have a farmers market nearby get your oranges from there.

Limes And Lemons

Limes and Lemons are jam-packed with vitamin C, this, in turn, will make your lungs and throat feel a lot cleaner and while singing you will be able to hit higher notes than possible. Although not everybody can eat several limes and lemons before singing if you are among one of these people you can slice them up, squeeze them, and put them in lukewarm water. Do note that limes and lemons are fairly acidic and if you consume them on an empty stomach you will hear your stomach growl, and this is probably the last thing you want while you are singing.

My suggestion is to eat a light meal, like a salad before consuming any limes and lemons, this way your body will be able to absorb the acid from them a lot faster and will not produce any growling of your stomach.

Vegetables And Legumes

In my opinion, vegetables affect the singing voice even more than fruits do, not only these are considered light foods they also generally contain a lot of water and fiber. The added hydration effect is generally true for most vegetables and legumes, although they are some which do not contain a lot of water but they still give you an improved voice. Vegetables that do not have a lot of water content can still improve your voice by other means than hydration.


When you are thinking of what kinds of foods will improve your singing voice the last thing to come into your mind would be onions. Onions do not have high water content, they will even force your body to use additional water from other sources in order to digest. The benefits for your voice come from the massive Vitamin C count and the health benefits to your lungs, the easier you can breathe the easier you can sing no matter if you’re using your chest or head voice.


Garlic is considered a superfood by many nutritionists, but it is a little known fact that garlic will aid your singing voice. As it is in the case of onions, garlic also helps your lungs work super efficiently, although I am not a DR so do not quote me on that. There are a lot of singers who have implemented different recipes with garlic in their diet every day, while one garlic will hardly make any difference in your singing voice, eating one every day will help your lungs and in turn your singing voice by a lot.

Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens are jam-packed with Vitamin A, my recommendation is spinach and kale as these tend to have an even higher concentration of Vitamin A than other dark leafy greens. If you are a Vegan singer you have probably plenty of dark leafy greens in your diet, however, if you are not a vegan your diet is probably lacking them. The problem with dark leafy greens is that they are rather tasteless and most people who eat them combine them with different sauces or ingredients.

Depending on what kind of sauces or ingredients you use in addition to the dark leafy greens will determine how effective or ineffective will they be to improve your singing voice. My suggestion is to put them in the mixer or blender and make a smoothie out of them.


When it comes to eating meat to improve your singing voice your main goal is to get as much protein as possible. While you are singing you are using different types of muscles, and just as a bodybuilder needs extra protein to grow stronger so do your muscles which make produce your voice. The human body needs protein for everyday normal functions, once the body doesn’t get enough protein it will start breaking down different types of muscles in order to keep the body functioning correctly.

Most singing coaches or gurus advocate an almost only vegan lifestyle for better singing performance, however, this can have detrimental effects not only on your body in the long term but also on your voice. Singing takes a lot of effort if you do not give the body what it needs it will slowly break down literally, feeling weak and fatigued all the time, which isn’t a great recipe for any singer.


If you have ever asked what kind of food you should eat to improve your voice from a vocal coach you probably heard all the health benefits of eating chicken. Eating chicken will improve your singing voice due to how easy it is for the body to digest and due to its high protein count. But you have to take that with a grain of salt, most chicken farms do inject the chickens with different types of growth hormones in order for the chicken to grow fast and fat.

This growth hormone will end up in your bloodstream after you have ingested it while eating chicken once in a while will not have adverse effects. But relying only on chicken for your daily protein count could, in fact, harm your singing voice due to the added growth hormones.


Most singers do not consume beef for improving their voice, some of them will outright avoid eating beef. However, pound for pound beef has more protein than some other sources of meat, although beef is most likely has been already enhanced with growth hormones by the farmers. You will need to do a little research in your area to find the best kinds of beef which are 100% grass-fed beef, this is not only a lot healthier than other types of beef but the meat is also a lot leaner which will help with digestion.


Fish is considered by many singers a miracle food, it is lean, high in protein and minerals. Preparing fish for eating is also a lot easier than other meat sources, and fish can easily be combined with other beneficial foods that help your singing voice. Although it could get pricy if you do not live in an area where the coast is near, for improving your voice you should aim for eating fresh fish rather than frozen fish.


Not everybody can eat seafood as some are either disgusted by the simple thought of eating them or do not have affordable prices in order to consume them daily. As in the case of fish, seafood should also be purchased fresh and not frozen. Although you should be careful with eating seafood as you could become seriously ill if you consume them after they have spoiled.


Generally speaking nuts are high in fat and carbohydrates, which can fuel your body for a long time. Every singer should include in their diet Almond nuts as these are jam-packed with healthy fats. When considering what kind of nuts to include in your diet make sure you avoid salted nuts at all costs, as these will only dehydrate you and they will hinder your singing voice.


The health benefits of honey have been known for millennia, it has antibacterial properties, is very nutritious, and aids the gut, lungs, and throat. Whenever I am sick or my throat hurts I take a spoonful of honey and the beneficial effects can be noticeable within minutes. Most singers also include honey in their diet for not only the health benefits but also for improving their singing performance. One note before you run out and buy honey is to make sure it is natural and organic, so avoid synthetic honey.

Licorice Root

If you are not familiar with licorice root you have probably tasted it in your childhood, in the form of black candy called licorice. Although not many people like the taste of licorice root but it helps your singing voice by making a protective coat on your throat, similar to honey. Luckily you can find licorice root flavored with different spices just to be easily edible for the ones who do not like the particular taste.

In addition to this, you can also find different types of teas containing licorice root, drink these lukewarm and you will get all the benefits. Do note that some teas contain caffeine if your goal is to improve your singing voice, make sure you avoid these types of teas with caffeine in them.


Eggs contain a lot of protein and vitamins, the trick in using eggs for improving your singing voice is how you prepare them. You have probably seen or heard of some singers that drink raw eggs for breakfast, do not do this as you could get infected with E Coli or Salmonella. The reasoning behind drinking raw eggs is that this way you will not lose any of the proteins which you lose during cooking, this is mostly true but you expose yourself to a host of different health complications.

My recommendation is to eat the eggs either boiled or scrambled, this way you will limit the number of proteins being destroyed by the heat and you will not ingest oil which is actually bad for your singing voice.


Most types of foods have different amounts of water content, generally speaking for singers the higher the water content of the food, the better the results will be for your singing voice. If you have ever tried singing with a dry throat or while you were thirsty you already know how difficult it is to sing this way. The human body loses a lot of water through breathing and even through singing.

If you have read my article Famous alto singers ( Top 12 ), you already know that singing alto is fairly difficult and most people who are successful singing alto have a very strict diet and limit themselves on what they eat and drink right before a performance. In addition to eating foods with high water content, you should also drink a lot of water, but the problem with drinking a lot of water is that it will be absorbed fairly fast and you could end up running to the bathroom before your performance ended.

This is why most successful singers eat light foods high in protein and water content, as the water in these kinds of foods is absorbed a lot slower than water from any drink. This way you will be hydrated for a much longer time than by just drinking a cup of water. Do note that by water I mean water and not sodas, vitamin waters, coffee, or alcoholic beverages as these can hinder your singing voice.

Key Takeaways

  • Staying hydrated is essential for vocal health. Foods like watermelon, cucumbers, and celery are high in water content and can help keep your vocal cords lubricated.
  • Honey and ginger can help soothe and reduce inflammation in the throat. They can be added to warm water or herbal teas to provide relief for singers.
  • A well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains provides the necessary nutrients for maintaining a healthy voice. Foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, can also support immune health and prevent vocal strain.


How can I strengthen my voice for singing?

To strengthen your voice for singing, it’s important to practice vocal exercises regularly, warm up before singing, maintain good posture, and avoid straining your vocal cords. Working with a vocal coach or taking singing lessons can also be beneficial in developing proper vocal techniques.

What can I eat to have a nice voice?

To maintain a healthy voice, it’s recommended to consume foods that are soothing and hydrating, such as warm herbal teas, non-acidic fruits like apples and pears, honey, and soups. Avoiding excessive caffeine, dairy, spicy foods, and alcohol can also help prevent vocal irritation.

What fruit is good for singing?

Some fruits that are generally considered beneficial for the voice include apples, pears, and watermelon. These fruits are hydrating and can help keep the vocal cords moist.

What do singers drink before they sing?

Singers often prefer to drink room temperature water or warm herbal teas before singing to keep their vocal cords hydrated and relaxed. Avoiding cold or iced drinks is advisable as they can constrict the muscles and affect vocal flexibility.