How To Become A Singer At 17 ( 11 Easy Steps )

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The most successful singers have started singing at a young age, although there are some very successful singers who have started singing later in their life but they are just a small percentage of today’s singers. Most singers have one thing in common, they love to sing, however, if you want to become a singer at age 17 then you will need as much information not only about singing but also about the singing industry.

If you want to become a singer at 17 then you will have to start singing today, practice daily, hang around singers, join a choir, know your vocal range, get a vocal coach, go to castings, sing in public, use social media, record your own music and get an agent.

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If you take a look at the music industry nowadays you will probably find some people with talent and some without any talent at all. The problem is that not everybody is well suited for the singing industry even if they are talented, as the industry is extremely competitive and you as a beginner singer might find success or failure not due to your singing but to other music industry standards.

If you want to make it as a singer before the age of 17, my recommendation is to read my recent article How to sing for beginners step by step ( 14 Easy Steps ), this way you will have at least a baseline knowledge of what you should focus on as a beginner singer. Most beginner singers do not aim to be successful singers, rather they want the fame which comes with it, although fame has its positives you might find it overwhelming once you reach it.

How To Become A Singer At 17

Becoming a singer at 17 can be an exciting and challenging journey. Here are some steps to help you pursue your passion and develop your singing career. First, focus on honing your vocal skills by taking singing lessons or joining a choir or vocal group to gain experience and receive guidance from professionals. Practice regularly and explore different musical genres to find your unique style and vocal range. Build your repertoire by learning and performing a variety of songs that showcase your talent and versatility.

Seek opportunities to perform in local events, talent shows, or open mic nights to gain exposure and build your confidence on stage. Utilize social media platforms and online platforms to share your music and connect with a wider audience. Network with industry professionals, attend auditions and consider participating in singing competitions or talent showcases to gain visibility and potential career opportunities.

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Start Singing Today

Most people who know that they have a good voice actually fail at singing because they do not take it seriously enough. While your whole life should not revolve around singing you should still set aside some time every day to practice singing. If you sing as a hobby, you might hit it big eventually as the most talented and passionate singers have started singing as a hobby and not as a means of achieving fame and success.

Do not put off singing by tomorrow, start today, and practice every day. You do not need 8 hours of practicing singing every day, just a few minutes which you can spare.

Practice Daily

Practice makes perfect, this is true for singers as well, and yes it is true even if you do not have the talent or if you are even tone-deaf. Once you have started to incorporate practicing singing every day in your daily routine you will be amazed at how soon you will improve. While practicing it is also vital that you identify your limits and either try to overcome them or simply improve on the areas in which you as a singer perform the best.

Hang Around Singers

There is a famous saying “Show me who your friends are and I will tell you your future” and this is true in any industry. If you do not have any friends who also enjoy singing you will be fighting an uphill battle alone, which after a while will probably make you quit singing altogether. If you as a teenager hanging around the wrong crowd just because they are popular then you should really reevaluate how important singing is for you.

You probably think that the most popular kids in high school will do great in the real world, although most studies show that these people will peak in high school and will never do anything noteworthy in their lives. If you will meet up with these people in 10 years they will be still talking about the dumb shit they have done in high school. Avoid these people at all costs, you have to get the losers out of your life if you want to become successful and surround yourself with people who have the same goal as you.

Join A Choir

You will be amazed by how many successful singers have started out in a choir, if you read my recent article Famous alto singers ( Top 12 ), you will find that most alto singers have started out in a choir. You will learn a lot by singing in a choir and you will make a lot of friends who are also passionate about singing. Even if you are not a fan of singing in a choir or church this could still give you a lot of opportunities as a beginner singer.

Know Your Vocal Range

You have to identify as early as possible what vocal range is the best for your voice and start practicing songs that are suited for your vocal range. If you are simply practicing without the knowledge of your true vocal range you will not be able to work on improving your voice effectively. Do not underestimate how important the vocal range is, you might like to sing songs that are not actually suited for your vocal range and you will only limit yourself if you do so.

If you are a male singer and you need more information about your vocal range check out my recent article, What is the average vocal range male? ( Range, Scale and Chart ).

Get A Vocal Coach

Most people in the music industry will tell you that you will definitely need a vocal coach. However, you will need a good vocal coach who has already coached some successful singers, and this costs a lot of money. As a teenager, you probably do not have any money to invest in a good vocal coach, and not everybody has a wealthy family to invest in a vocal coach. Vocal coaches are extremely useful as they will not only point out your shortcomings but also teach you how to overcome them.

Go To Singing Auditions

On the bright side, you can do a little trick to get one of the best vocal coaches and critics to say their opinion about your singing, by simply going to as many singing auditions as possible in the music industry. Who knows you might even be lucky and get your first gig as a singer, from that point on your journey it will be a lot easier. One other very important aspect of going to singing auditions is that it will improve your stage fright and your fright of singing to an audience.

Sing In Public

No matter where you live in the world there is probably at least one pub or club which has a karaoke night, although most of these are limited to adults there are special events at fairs that will give you an opportunity to sing. If you can also travel to nearby towns then your possibilities will increase, you should attend as many of these events as possible. Even a local contest on the radio is extremely useful for getting your name out there.

Use Social Media To Promote Yourself

Once you think you are ready to let other people listen to you singing and criticize you, then you should start uploading your singing to as many social media platforms as possible. Do note that it is imperative that the recording is high quality and you can actually sing the song clearly. Join different singing related groups on social media, oftentimes some vocal coaches will give you free advice.

Do not underestimate the power of social media, there are a lot of people already successful in the music industry who use social media, one shoutout from one of these people could and will kickstart your career.

Record Your Own Music

If you are a singer you probably have several friends who are also passionate about singing, it should not be hard to find somebody to make a duet with for a song. Once you have your song simply post it on social media and try to get in contact with different radios to play your songs. Just keep in mind that the recording should be high quality, without the high quality there will be a lot fewer people listening to you sing.

Get An Agent

Once you have successfully started singing at local events you will have to start thinking about getting an agent. Agents in the music industry will open up a lot of doors for you, although if you are only 17 make sure that your parents read the contract extremely carefully as the agent’s main focus is to make money. While some singers do not use agents at all, it is still a smart step to take if you are new to the music industry and you have just started out making some money from your singing gigs.

How Important Is Talent For Singing?

If you ask anybody how to become a singer at 17, their first answer will be that you will need talent. This part was true like 20-30 years ago, in an age where auto-tune was not a thing and making it in the music industry was extremely hard due to how talented the singers were. Simply put to become a successful singer the bar of entry was fairly high, over the past couple of decades this bar has been lowered a lot and this is why you see a lot of talentless singers who honestly have nothing to do with singing but they became famous by other means.

Talent is a two-edged sword, if you have it you will find it a lot easier to get into the music industry without a lot of work. However, people who are not talented but still are determined to make it in the music industry have to work a lot harder, this hard work will eventually pay off and you might even realize that you will have an edge over the talented people.

Do You Want To Be A Famous Person Or A Successful Singer?

Singers are associated with fame and success, although not all singers are famous for their high quality of singing, rather they are either throwing a lot of money into their career or they have large social media followings for things unrelated to singing. Do not get fooled into thinking that you can become a successful singer by gaining fame with unrelated stuff other than singing, while you might find fame this way, this will be only your 15 minutes of fame.

Some people who get their 15 minutes of fame without any actual work put in, might even release a couple of songs or two. But their fame will only last till they are relevant and sooner or later somebody else will pop off. Ask yourself the question if you would rather be remembered for your singing or for doing an ice bucket challenge.

Do You Need A Lot Of Money To Become A Singer?

The short answer is yes, the longer one is a little bit complicated. Generally speaking, if your parents have the money to invest in your singing career this will shorten the road and will definitely open up new doors for you as a singer. However, this doesn’t mean that you need money to make it, in today’s world it is easier than ever to get your singing heard by a lot of people. Just like Justin Bieber hit it off big time, by singing on YouTube, so could you.

Although it is extremely important to focus on the positives if you are uploading your singing on social media, there will be a lot of criticism, some constructive but most of them not. After you have asked yourself the above questions and you are truly determined on becoming a singer before the age of 17 then follow the easy steps below to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Take singing lessons, practice regularly, and work on techniques such as breath control, pitch accuracy, and vocal range expansion.
  • Learn and practice songs that showcase your vocal abilities and suit your desired genre/style of singing.
  • Seek opportunities to perform in local events, talent shows, school productions, or open mic nights to gain confidence and stage presence. Additionally, consider joining a choir or vocal group to enhance your ensemble singing skills and build connections within the music community.


Can you start singing at 17?

Absolutely! There’s no age limit to start singing. Many successful singers have launched their careers at various ages, including 17. With dedication, training, and passion, you can pursue singing and develop your skills at any age.

At what age can I start a singing career?

The age to start a singing career varies for each individual. While some singers begin their careers at a young age, there are also artists who start later in life. The most important factor is your talent, dedication, and willingness to work hard towards your goals.

How do I start a singing career?

Starting a singing career involves honing your vocal skills, building a repertoire of songs, and gaining performance experience. Consider taking singing lessons, joining choirs or local bands, participating in talent shows or open mic nights, and leveraging online platforms to showcase your talent and connect with the music industry.

Can I become a singer in 1 year?

While it’s challenging to become a professional singer within a year, significant progress can be made with consistent practice, training, and performance opportunities. Building a singing career takes time, perseverance, and continuous improvement of your vocal abilities, stage presence, and industry connections.