How to get a good singing voice without lessons ( In 12 Easy Steps )

There are a lot of singers that can not afford singing lessons, although you might think that this will limit their ability to sing, it is actually far from the truth. There are a lot of successful singers which in fact have made it without the help of any singing lessons, the question is if you can become one of these singers.

You can get a good singing voice even if you are not taking any lessons, think of lessons as a shortcut. People who can afford them will probably be successful a lot faster than people who do not take any lessons. However, with sheer determination and lots of practice you can have the same results if not even better than people who take voice lessons, the trick is to constantly improve and to work on your flaws as a singer, rather than practicing just for the sake of it.

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Believe it or not but there are a lot of successful singers who have never taken a singing lesson in their life. Most people will say that in order to become a successful singer you will have to take at least a couple of lessons, although taking lessons isn’t really necessary if you are goal-oriented and dedicated enough to teach yourself how to sing. A lot of beginner singers when they hit a roadblock think their only chance of getting through is to take lessons if they can not afford them they often times simply abandon singing altogether.

What you as a singer need to understand is that the journey to becoming a successful singer is a very lonely one, but if you have what it takes and persist I promise you that you will make it sooner or later. Even if your main goal is to become a professional singer you can still achieve that without any singing lessons if you want to know how then check out my recent article How long does it take to become a professional singer? ( The Honest Truth ).

There are two types of singers, the ones that need lessons and the ones that can become successful singers without any lessons. People who need lessons usually lack self-confidence and they need somebody to teach them how to actually sing, usually, these people do not like to take the initiative, although there is nothing wrong with people getting lessons as you as a singer have to do everything possible to become successful even if that means to take lessons.

The other type of singer is the one who is self-taught and doesn’t take any lessons, usually, these singers are a little bit rough around the edges but they still learn from observing other people and taking into consideration when others criticize their voice. As you have noticed the major difference between people who take lessons and the ones that do not is their character, but no matter what kind of character you have if you are broke and can not afford singing lessons then you will be forced to learn everything alone.

Practice singing with your diaphragm and you will not need voice lessons

A lot of beginner singers make the big mistake of relying on their throat and chest voice for singing, and if you do not have a teacher to correct this habit it will be extremely hard to break later down the line. If you want more information on why singing from the throat is a bad idea than check out my recent article Singing from diaphragm vs throat ( Which one is better? ). There are some singers who are successful by singing from the throat but if you look at their day to day life you probably will see a lot of downtime due to injuries suffered from singing from the throat.

The number one thing you need to teach yourself is to breathe and sing through your diaphragm, luckily you will not be needing any lessons for this as you can find a lot of tutorials for free online.

Learn how to relax your throat and get good without voice lessons

If you notice that your throat is starting to hurt after you practice singing it could mean one of two things, either your throat muscles are not yet developed for singing or you tighten up your throat when singing. If you are tightening up your throat when singing then you will not be able to sing for long periods of time and you might even end up having a hoarse voice. This is one of those habits which some singers without a teacher pick up unconsciously.

Sooner or later you will have to address this issue, my recommendation is to do it rather sooner than later. One of the easiest ways to relax your throat is when you are singing put a hand around your throat to see if it tightens up if it does try to slow down a bit and focus on which part of the song you are starting to do it. Once you know at which part of the song you are tightening up your throat you will have to practice this part with a relaxed throat till it becomes second nature.

Record and listen to your voice to improve without voice lessons

As you are not taking singing lessons you will need to judge your own voice, this is rather harder than you could imagine as what sounds good to you might even sound awful to somebody else. If you are not familiar with listening to your own recorded voice it will sound a little bit awkward, if you sound awful then there might be some other problems, for more information check out my article Why does my singing sound awful recorded? ( Top 10 Reasons ).

If you are having a hard time judging your own voice then you should ask someone else’s opinion, preferably a fellow singer.

Have the correct tongue position while singing and you will improve without voice lessons 

For a lot of beginner singers a lot of times it seems that their tongue is getting in the way while they are singing. This is a potential problem that could have been picked up without them even noticing. Although as a singer there are a lot of things on which you have to focus and oftentimes the positioning of the tongue is the last on their priorities. If you do not feel that your tongue is getting in the way then try to listen to your recordings if you hear yourself putting too much emphasis on the “S” letter then odds are that at that moment the position of your tongue is incorrect.

Generally speaking, while you are singing your tongue should be in a downward position hugging the inside of your bottom teeth, this is usually the most comfortable position for singing. Exceptions are words that do need to alter the position of your tongue, but other than that the default position of your tongue should be hugging the inside of your bottom teeth. There are some people who naturally breathe through their mouths and usually, these people have a hard time positioning their tongue in the right position when singing, although they probably have bigger problems than their tongue position.

Practice singing every day to get good without voice lessons

If you want to become a successful singer without taking any lessons then you will have to practice singing every day. Most people limit themselves to singing a couple of songs and they call it a day. However, as you do not have a teacher you will have to monitor your practice and if you are actually improving or not. My personal recommendation is to record your practice singing, put it in a folder, and once in a month compare your singing to the previous month, this way you will know exactly what you will need to focus on improving, do not practice just for the sake of it, practice to get better.

Warm-up your voice for singing 

It simply amazes me how many singers do not actually know how to warm up or they outright refuse to warm up. Singing is a very stressful workout for your upper body, especially if you are a beginner singer. You will need to warm up your vocal cords and your neck muscles in order to be able to sing without injuring yourself. Most beginner singers think that people who injure their vocal cords must do something wrong, but sooner or later it will happen to anybody.

This is why you have to warm up, a simple throat infection could become fairly serious and limit your ability to sing for even a couple of weeks.

Learn to project into the song without voice lessons

Singing is a form of art and entertainment, your primary goal as a singer is to provoke emotions from your audience. If you have ever seen reality shows like the “X Factor” you probably noticed that there are a few singers who manage to get the audience into tears, this is because they project so well into the song that the audience can actually feel it. Although projecting your emotions into a song without actually having any voice will sound probably awful, but as a good student of, you are probably on your way to become an excellent singer.

Practice mirror singing to get better without voice lessons

Sooner or later you will have to face your own reflection on how you look when you are singing, by far the easiest way to do this is to sing in front of a mirror, although recording yourself is also a good idea. Honestly speaking you do not have to look like a superstar while you are singing, you have to be genuine as people can spot a fake person from a mile away. A lot of singing teachers will say that when you look in the mirror while you are singing you have to imagine the audience and make eye contact with them, this is simply wrong.

The main goal of singing in front of a mirror is to notice your body language if it is actually saying the same thing as what you are singing about and to further notice potential tensioning up problems. If you notice that while you are singing all kinds of veins are popping off in your forehead and in your neck area odds are you are forcing yourself way too much, especially if you are exhausted after just singing a couple of songs.

Singing karaoke can make you a good singer without voice lessons

Karaoke is not only fun but you can also learn a lot from it, most beginner singers are not used to singing in front of a crowd or being in the spotlight. When you sing for the first time at a karaoke club you will probably notice that your voice sounds a lot different from what you are used to, this is in part due to the equipment they are using and partly because you are not using your true voice. However, if you want to become a successful singer one day you will have to learn to face your fears and to sing in front of a crowd.

You can find your true voice without voice lessons

This can be a tricky one, people who take lessons have a far easier time finding their true voice as their teacher can identify their voice after just a couple of sessions. On the other hand, people who do not take any lessons have a fairly difficult time finding their voice, this is mostly due to the fact that they can not judge their own singing fairly and without any bias. My personal recommendation is to experiment with different types of genres, sooner or later you will stumble upon one that will come naturally to you.

Your body is your musical instrument so take care of it

As I have previously mentioned your body will be put under a lot of stress while you are singing, especially if you are a beginner singer. The first couple of weeks you will feel sourness in muscles you probably didn’t even know you had, this is normal. Your body needs a little bit of stress in order to improve, but you will have to take care of it by getting plenty of sleep and having a good diet. If you want to know what foods are the best for your voice then check out my article ( Top 18 ) Foods to improve singing voice.

Never give up

In today’s world of instant gratification, everybody wants success as soon as possible. However, without hard work and dedication, it will be extremely difficult to be a successful singer. There are a lot of beginner singers who rely on luck which is an extremely bad idea. Imagine that you want to become a doctor one day and rather than studying you rely on luck, it will not end up well. I am not going to lie to you, there will be some moments where you will want to give up singing entirely, but this is the moment you have to be strong and keep on going forward.

In conclusion

As you can see there are a lot of things which you can do in order to become a good singer without voice lessons, most importantly you should practice every day, sooner or later you will get the desired results.