How long does it take to become a professional singer? ( The Honest Truth )

There will come a point where every serious singer will start thinking about turning their singing into a profession. The problem is that most singers do believe that they have to make it big in order to become a professional singer, however, this is far from the truth as I will explain below. The truth is not every singer who sings professionally becomes an international celebrity and there is nothing wrong with that, if you can earn a comfortable living by singing professionally you have achieved your goal.

It will take you around 6 months to become a professional singer, provided that you do not mind singing at weddings or at small events. If your goal is to become a famous singer then that will take a lot longer, usually at least 2-3 years. Not all professional singers become famous, your first goal is to make some money out of singing and then promote yourself in order to become famous.

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Almost every singer’s goal is to become a professional singer and make a full-time income out of it. Although the percentage of singers who do actually become professional singers is fairly low due to how competitive the industry is. The sad truth is most singers will only be singing as a hobby, rarely making any money if any at all. What you as a beginner singer need to understand is that the music industry is not like any other industry where if you learned the right stuff you are almost guaranteed to succeed.

On the other hand, the music industry is a whole other kind of animal, with constant shifts in trends, what could make you a professional singer might not be as viable in just a couple of years. Your number one goal if you want to become a professional singer is to get discovered, which is far easier said than done, luckily I have written an in-depth article on the subject so you should definitely check it out How to get discovered as a singer ( As FAST as possible ).

You can become a professional singer in a matter of months

Yes, you have heard it right, you can become a professional singer in just a couple of months. The problem is that most beginner singers would rather want the fame which comes with singing rather than an actual career out of it, and all of them want it now. Most singers put their hopes into getting discovered at an audition when they get their big break, oftentimes these singers go to numerous auditions but they always fall short, and then they say to themselves “next year I will make it”, pretty soon the next year will become the next decade without them ever becoming professionally.

If you want to become a professional singer you have to change your mindset if you know that you have what it takes to become a professional singer than it is time to focus on making some extra money. While most singers think that professional singers get discovered by luck or accident, but the truth is that professional singers are self-made rather than discovered. You have to look at it as a business, start small, and sooner or later if you have the voice you will start progressing to higher levels. If you are serious about becoming a professional singer then I highly recommend for you to read my recent article How to improve your singing voice in a week ( 13 Easy Steps ).

My personal recommendation is to pair up with a person or a band who is singing at weddings, this is by far the easiest and best ways to start singing professionally and to even make some extra money. When I am saying some extra money, I mean literally the sky is the limit, I do personally know several artists who make a very comfortable living just by singing at weddings on the weekends.

Congratulations once you had a couple of paid singing gigs at weddings now you can consider yourself a professional singer. From here on you can work on your music without worrying too much about your next paycheck. I know that most singers’ dream is to sing at concerts in front of a live audience but you have to remember that you have to start at the bottom like at any other workplace, luckily the bottom is fairly well paid and you could do that even for the rest of your life.

Hard work beats talent if you want to become a professional singer

Talent vs hard work is an age-old debate that will definitely impact how long will it take you to become a professional singer. On one hand, people who are naturally talented are more likely to be born to a family of singers, this simple fact alone could open the doors of you becoming a professional singer far sooner than for other people, and with the talent, you are pretty sure guaranteed to get a high paying career from singing.

On the other hand, there are people who are less talented but still determined to make it as a professional singer by simply working as hard as possible. Generally speaking, these people will struggle a lot as they probably do not have either the connections or their voice good enough to open up the doors for them to become a professional singer. There are numerous singers who are trying to make it professionally, some do achieve it but most of them fail miserably as they simply do not know when to quit.

Pick your professional singing niche

Most singers make the big mistake of only singing pop as that is what they like and arguably the most money is in that niche. However, if you as a singer want to make it professionally you should focus on smaller and less competitive niches like country or even folk singing. My personal recommendation is to pick a singing niche in such a way that you will shine and dominate in that certain niche, there is no point in competing with thousands of pop singers as even the ones who succeed in the pop scene do either because of luck or because of a bucketload of money invested in their image.


A vocal coach can help you become a professional singer

If you want to become a professional singer as fast as possible then my recommendation is to get a vocal coach. Most singers teach themselves how to sing, and sooner or later they will hit a roadblock and they can not progress anymore. What a vocal coach will do is to put you on the right path and you will see significant improvement in your voice just after a couple of sessions. The problem with vocal coaches is that you will need the best vocal coach in your area, going to some unknown vocal coach just because it is cheap and closeby might even do more damage than good in the long run.

If you have read my recent article How to become a singer at 17 ( 11 Easy Steps ), then you probably know that getting a vocal coach can and will make a big difference if you want to become a professional singer one day.

Good vocal coaches who have already coached people who are already professional singers should be your best bet, this person has already proven that he can make a professional singer out of somebody already. The problem is that most people either do not want to invest in a good vocal coach or they do not have the necessary funds, in this case, my personal recommendation is to save up some money so you can afford at least 3-5 sessions, you won’t see any miracles during this time but you will definitely improve.

Know the music industry if you want to become a professional singer

As I have previously mentioned the music industry is unlike any other industry, with constant changes in trends what works today might not work tomorrow. The bottom line is that if you go for the route of being employed by a company for your singing services then you will have to make them more money than what you are getting paid. This puts a lot of pressure on the singer, oftentimes inviting everybody they know to the event where they are singing and even making their friends pay for the entrance fee.

The problem is that there is a limit on how much you can rely on your friends, while they will be excited to listen to your first concert, but sooner or later they will simply stop showing up. Relying only on your friends in order to make money is never a good idea, and it can backfire extremely fast. If you are lucky enough that a company puts up a small concert in order to profit from the entrance fees you will have to attract a crowd.

While most companies do have marketing sections that will promote the event, but these also have a limit as to how successful the marketing can be especially for a new and upcoming singer. One of the big problems of working for a company as a singer is that they will make you sing almost non-stop in order to maximize their profits, so if you are not used to singing 20-30 hours weekly then you probably will injure your vocal cords sooner or later.

Another major problem with working for a company is that you are extremely easy to be replaced, there will be always someone better who is willing to work for less and this constant fear that with one slip up you could lose it all isn’t a healthy mentality, no matter in what industry you work in.

Invest in  your singing career to become a professional singer

Most beginner singers limit themselves especially with the devices with which they are recording their singing. Usually, they use the microphone from their phone to record their singing, while it might sound ok it doesn’t do you any favors as a singer. At some point when you have decided to become a professional singer you will have to invest in a high-quality microphone in order to get the best recording possible which you can show to your potential clients or employees.

Additional investment should be a vocal coach, I have already talked about the benefits of getting a vocal coach above so I won’t be repeating myself.

What is the average professional singer’s salary?

The average professional singer’s salary depending on which state you are located is around $25-35 per hour, which is around $50-55k yearly. If you look around the job market this doesn’t seem like a lot of money and this is true, but the good news is that once you have reached a certain point in your singing career only the sky is the limit as for how much you can earn yearly, which could be easily in the millions.

How long does it take to become a decent singer?

This entirely depends on what you mean as a decent singer, almost anybody can learn to sing. However, if your goal is to be a professional singer then you have a long road ahead of you. Most singers who are considered decent and have at least the talent to sing a couple of songs in tune if you are not at that point yet then you have to work on it asap. Generally speaking with the right practice routine you could become a decent singer in around 6 months to a year if you have a natural inclination towards singing this period of time can be a lot less short.

How long does it take to develop a strong singing voice?

This is rather a tricky question as most singers have a fairly weak singing voice and developing a strong singing voice will take a lot of time. Generally speaking, if you focus on getting a strong singing voice it will take you at least a year to be able to sing with a strong singing voice. The problem which most beginner singers face is that they do not focus on getting a strong singing voice and for this reason, they never develop it.

What you as a singer need to understand that in order to develop a strong singing voice you will have to master breathing through your diaphragm and to strengthen your neck muscles, without these you will never be able to develop a strong singing voice.

How many hours to become a singer?

This is not an exact science and it will be different from one person to another but generally speaking, if you put in 1000 hours into any craft including singing you will be at least decent at it. With more time passing you could even develop singing techniques which you never thought you had in you.

In conclusion

You can easily become a professional singer within a couple of months, with some luck and determination. The problem is that most people want to make it big as soon as possible, however, if your goal is to become a professional singer then you will have to start at the bottom of the industry and work your way up.