How To Be A Good Singer For Beginners? ( In 8 Easy Steps )

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The truth is that almost anybody can learn to sing, the bad news is that most singers are mediocre at best. If you want to stand out of the crowd you not only have to amaze people with your voice but with your vocal technique also as the combination of these two makes a good singer. Most beginner singers think that singing will take a lot of hard work and dedication, while this is true they at least have a massive advantage ahead of people who have already started singing years ago.

You can be a good singer as a beginner if you start practicing singing every day with the goal of getting better. Not all beginner singers will be good ones, but the few who are willing to put in the effort and time will definitely have a higher chance of becoming a good singer than the ones that don’t. Becoming a good singer takes time, and the sooner you start practicing the sooner you will get better at it.

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Singing is just like building a house if you have a solid foundation on what you can rely upon and work on it to make it even better then you will have all the chances in the world to succeed. However this is the part where most singers actually do fail, they either are not committed enough to be a good singer or they simply focus on the wrong aspects of their singing which later down the line will hinder and even stop their growth as a singer.

As a beginner singer, it is vital that your main focus is on being a good singer, forget about all the fluff around the singing industry, and just focus on being the best version of singer you can possibly be. Beginner singers oftentimes focus on just one song and by doing that they forget even the basics like proper posture or breathing just so that they can focus on hitting the high notes of the song. If you are a beginner singer, my recommendation is to read my recent article for more information How to improve your singing voice in a week ( 13 Easy Steps ).

How To Be A Good Singer For Beginners?

Becoming a good singer as a beginner involves dedication, practice, and a willingness to learn and improve. Start by developing a strong foundation in vocal technique, such as proper breathing, posture, and vocal warm-ups. Work on pitch accuracy by practicing scales and intervals regularly. Pay attention to diction and articulation to ensure clarity in your singing. Experiment with different vocal styles and genres to find your unique sound and expression.

Seek feedback from experienced singers or vocal coaches to identify areas for improvement and receive guidance on vocal exercises. Consistent practice and vocal exercises will help strengthen your vocal range, control, and tone. Additionally, listen to a wide variety of singers and study their techniques to gain inspiration and expand your musical horizons.

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Know Your Voice And Vocal Range

If you have friends who are singers then you have probably noticed that most of them will jump from one music genre to another, either because they like the artist or the song. This mostly happens because they do not actually know their own voice and their limits. If you are constantly jumping from one music genre to another you will not be able to master any of them, and you will probably sound as generic as possible.

Singers who are 5 octaves plus have the amazing ability to sing a wide variety of songs, but if you are a beginner singer odds are that you have an octave range of around 3 like most singers. If you want to know about miracle singers with 6-octave ranges check out my recent article Singers with 6 octave range ( Do they even exist? ). Not everybody can judge their own voice fairly, if this is you then my recommendation is to get a couple of sessions with a vocal coach so he can steer you on the right path which is actually good for your voice.

If you keep singing songs from multiple genres aimlessly you will have an extremely hard time not only identifying what songs are good for your voice but also developing your unique voice. For beginner singers, it is extremely important to know their voice and their vocal range as early as possible so that they can actually focus on singing songs that bring out the best in their voices.

Becoming A Good Singer As A Beginner Takes Time

The music industry currently is extremely cluttered and some may even say that the bar to becoming a successful singer is extremely high. However, no matter how intense the competition gets you have to know that it is never too late to start singing. Each day has 24 hours in it, and this time passes the same way for everybody, the difference is how you use it. You either stay in front of the TV or locked in front of your phone, or you could actually start practicing to be a good singer.

Most people are extremely afraid of getting out of their comfort zone, but if you want to do something extraordinary in your life you have to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits. It might get hard, especially in the beginning, but I do promise you that with hard work comes great success. One of the great traps about work is that some people just simply go through the motion, not even focusing on getting better at singing.

These are the same people who go to the gym and do a couple of exercises and the rest of the time they either gossip or watch funny videos on their phones, yet they still stay 2 hours in the gym. A couple of months later when other people have actually worked out and are seeing results these people will probably quit due to the lack of any results, the morale of the story is that you have to practice singing with the mindset of getting better.

Tongue Placement Can Make You A Good Singer

You would be amazed at how many beginner singers have asked me where should their tongues be located while they are singing. The answer is rather simple, 60-70% of the time your tongue should be hugging the inside of your bottom teeth, this way you will sing properly. Believe it or not but there are a lot of beginner singers who actually fight with their tongue during singing as most oftentimes it is in the way and they have no clue where to rest it.

We have all seen singers who stick their tongues almost out of their mouths while they are singing, the next time when you see somebody doing that just notice what kind of sounds they are producing that way, odds are they are probably trying to hit some high notes and fail miserably.

Correct Singing Posture

If you have read my recent article How to have a clear voice for singing ( Fast & Easy ), you probably already know how important a good posture is for singing. Your posture affects everything related to singing from breathing to actually producing the sounds. If you do not have the proper posture for singing then you are not letting your diaphragm work efficiently, which means that you will not have enough power and airflow to sustain the notes, this is especially important if you are trying to hit the higher notes.

If you take a look around outside you will notice that there are a lot of people walking around with their heads tilted down and their shoulders arched towards the front. While this position might feel comfortable to most people it is actually a very bad posture to sing with. Not only you are not letting your body work for you but you also project very weak energy, which at an audition could definitely mean the end.

To have a good posture for singing you have to tilt your head slightly up, your back straight and your shoulders relaxed on your sides. It is vital that you relax your shoulders as too much tension in your shoulder area could easily transfer towards your neck area where you could even injure yourself if you are not careful. With a good posture, you not only let your body work for you instead of fighting with it for each gasp of air, but you will also project a more confident image which in auditions is a very good sign for the judges.

Sing In Tune

If you want to be a good singer then you must learn how to sing in tune, otherwise, you will be just a number among the millions of “singers” who can not sing in tune. If you nail down the part of singing in tune then you can only go up from there, however, if you fail to actually sing in tune you will find it extremely difficult to do it later in your singing career. A lot of beginner singers have difficulty singing in tune if you are one of them you might want to consider a vocal coach who will show you how exactly you can start singing in tune.

The big trick for singing in tune is that you have to focus on it as early as possible if you know that you can sing but you can not sing in tune then your career as a singer will never be successful for the simple fact that you have to sing in tune in order to be a good singer.

Sing In Front Of Others

Stage fright can be paralyzing, especially for beginner singers. I have personally seen a lot of very talented people who can actually sing, just to freeze or squeal while they are singing in front of an audience as if something was not letting them perform as best as they can and this is stage fright. If you want to become a successful singer one day, you will have to face your worst fears and sing in front of other people.

I won’t sugar coat it, odds are that your first time singing to a crowd you will probably make a fool out of yourself, but that doesn’t even matter. Very few people know how frightening it can be to stand up on a stage where everybody is looking at you, suddenly all the pressure is on you and the fight or flight response will kick in with the adrenaline. This is a natural response where the body is assessing a stressful situation and it is preparing either to fight or to simply run away.

Whatever you do do not run away as the second time when you will be on stage it will be a lot harder to stay and sing rather than simply run away. Just go through it and you will feel a lot happier once you are over with your first singing on a stage even if you couldn’t sing the best as you could due to stress. Sooner or later this feeling will go away and you will actually start loving to get on the stage and feeding on the crowd’s positive energy, a lot of singers actually get addicted to the feeling.

Keeping Your Voice Healthy

Remember that your body is a musical instrument, you have to take care of it as best as you can. If you are constantly drinking coffee and eating junk food then it will be extremely difficult to be a good singer. There are a lot of foods that are actually beneficial for you as a singer if you need more information check out my recent article ( Top 18 ) Foods to improve singing voice. The problem is that most beginner singers stop practicing every day, but in an extremely competitive industry you will need to have an edge over the other and nutrition could offer you that.

Singing takes a lot of effort, especially if you are serious about becoming a good singer. My personal recommendation is to try out some of the foods which are actually beneficial to your voice and if you do have the possibility incorporate them into your daily diet.

Practicing Singing Daily

Practice makes perfect and this is true for singing as well. There are no shortcuts to becoming a singer, you will have to practice singing daily, the actual time you practice will be different due to a lot of circumstances but my personal recommendation is to practice singing for at least one hour every day. There will come a time when you are simply bored with singing or you are tired of it, once this time comes simply take a one-week break.

Do note that most people who quit singing often do after one of these breaks, they simply never pick up singing again so you will have to force yourself to practice singing after your break otherwise the break might become permanent.

Key Takeaways

  • Start by finding your vocal range and understanding your natural voice. Experiment with different vocal exercises to improve your technique and control.
  • Practice regularly to develop your vocal skills and expand your range. Warm up before singing and incorporate exercises that focus on breath control, pitch accuracy, and vocal strength.
  • Seek professional guidance from a vocal coach or enroll in singing lessons to receive proper training and guidance.


How can a beginner get better at singing?

Beginners can improve their singing by practicing regularly, warming up their voice before singing, working on breath control, pitch accuracy, and vocal technique. Taking lessons from a qualified vocal coach or using online resources and tutorials can also be beneficial for learning proper singing techniques.

Can I teach myself to sing?

Yes, it is possible to teach yourself to sing. While having guidance from a vocal coach is advantageous, there are resources available such as vocal exercises, instructional videos, and practice techniques that can help you develop your singing skills independently.

How can I train my voice?

Voice training involves exercises to improve breath control, vocal range, pitch accuracy, tone quality, and vocal agility. Techniques such as vocal warm-ups, scales, and practicing different singing styles can help strengthen and develop your voice.

How to sing naturally?

Singing naturally involves finding your own unique voice and expressing yourself authentically. It is important to focus on proper technique, breath support, and vocal health while allowing your own style and interpretation to shine through.