Tips for shy singers ( How to get rid of it? )

Most shy singers actually hinder their progress as a singer, especially if they want to eventually sing professionally. The problem is that shy singers tend to avoid singing in front of others, and this will become a problem if they want to be a successful singer one day. Luckily for you below is an in-depth article with some great tips and ways to get rid of your shyness altogether as a singer.

My tips for shy singers are to start singing solo, changing your mindset, stop singing at home, sing in front of your crush, stir up casual conversations, get used to your singing voice, have a confident body language and to sing at karaoke events. While most people would recommend for shy singers to get a vocal coach I only recommend it if you do have the budget to go for longer periods of time otherwise it is really pointless, especially if you already know how to sing.

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A lot of singers are fairly shy, especially if they are beginner singers. While some can get past their shyness, some outright can not simply sing in front of others due to their extreme shyness. While there is nothing wrong with being shy as there are plenty of introverted people around the world, the problem arises when your shyness actually stops you from performing as a singer. Most singers would give anything to get a break and to sing in front of the crowd, however, for shy singers, this could be both a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Most people believe that shy singers simply lack confidence, I would strongly disagree. A lot of shy singers once they get over their stage fright they simply glow on stage from confidence. Although confidence or the lack of it might play a part in the life of a shy singer, but this is not the entire reason why they are shy in the first place. There are two types of singers, the ones who love to be in the center of attention and this is why they love being on stage.

The second type of singers are the ones that do not really like being in the center of attention, the problem is that even the shyest singer will have to perform in front of a live audience sooner or later if they wish to become a professional singer. As I have mentioned above, confidence and singing should go hand in hand, generally speaking, there are very few singers who are shy both on stage and off the stage and somehow they still managed to be successful singers.

There are even some singers that are so shy that they can not even sing in front of their families, and this will directly impact their choices as a singer. The problem is that if you can not sing in front of people who love you and want the best for you then how are you going to sing in front of complete strangers. If you having a hard time singing in front of your family then my recommendation is to read my recent article Fear of singing in front of family ( How to get over it? ).

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Start singing solo if you are a shy singer

Most shy singers choose to hide behind others, like in a band or in a choir. The problem is that they will get used to that comforting feeling that they are not alone on the stage. The problem is that if they get an opportunity to sing a solo they simply will not be able to handle the pressure, especially once they realize that they will be all alone on the stage. Some shy singers, while they know that they have a good voice, still would refuse any opportunity to sing a solo due to their shyness, if you are one of these singers then do not refuse any singing opportunity based on your shyness.

I know that it takes a lot of confidence and courage to sing a solo, but if you want to have a future in the music industry as a singer you will have to make your own path and not rely on others to make it for you. You have got to realize that you are the best asset that you got if you are hiding in a band, just because you are shy you might actually do more harm to your career than good. If you want to know how you can sing a solo even if you are a shy person then my recommendation is to read my article How to sing a solo confidently? ( In 6 Easy Steps ).

Change your mindset to stop being a shy singer

Shyness is in your mind, no matter if you are a singer or not. Most shy singers go through life avoiding almost any public performance or criticism from anybody because being shy is their actual bubble. If you are a shy singer you have to get out of your comfort zone sooner or later if you think that singing in front of others is challenging then what will you do when the real hardships eventually pop off in every singer’s life?

If you know that you are a good singer, but you are even afraid to sing loud then my recommendation is to take it with bay steps. Start singing in front of the mirror as loud as you can, so you can get accustomed to your voice. Record yourself so you know how your recorded voice sounds and from then on it is time to start singing in front of family and friends. Once you feel comfortable singing in front of them, then it is time to start singing in front of strangers at any event, even at a karaoke.

Shy singers should stop singing at home

Most people will tell you that if you are a shy singer then the best thing for you is to sing at home. I would disagree, this will only reinforce your shyness and it will be much harder to sing as a solo singer later in your life. While there is nothing wrong to sing at home, but if you are a shy singer I would actually limit how many days per week you would sing at home. My personal recommendation is to keep on practicing singing at home and at the same time join a band or choir where you will have to practice with others.

There are plenty of singers who have taught themselves how to sing from home. The problem is that once you know how to sing then you will have to get out in the world, and as a shy singer who is used to singing only at home can be an extremely scary thing. If you want to know more about how to teach yourself to sing from home then check out my article Learn to sing from home ( In 7 Easy Steps ).

Sing in front of your crush to overcome shyness

Most singers would be simply embarrassed to sing in front of their crush, however, this is an excellent way on how to get rid of your shyness. The reason why you can not sing in front of your crush and your family are basically the same, embarrassment. In life, you will have to do things which you do not like, and sooner or later you will have to sing in front of your crush. If you want to know how to sing in front of your crush, then forget everything you learned from romantic movies.

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Most of these movies where a person sings in front of their crush are overly dramatic and it is extremely cringy. What you should do instead is to sing casually, just bits of a song, and make it fun and not dramatic. If you are too shy to sing in front of them, then just go and take a shower, make sure that your crush can actually hear you while you sing under the shower. Keep it simple and fun, do not dramatize especially if you are a male singer.

Casual conversations can help you overcome shyness as a singer

Shy people tend to keep to themselves, even while they are surrounded by people they still choose to be left alone. Just keep an eye out on your way to work, take notice of how many people are browsing their phones, and how many are having earbuds just so that they signal towards everybody else that they want to be left alone. If you want to get rid of your shyness, then stir up a casual conversation with a stranger, just make sure he looks friendly enough and approachable.

Talk about the weather or about how hot or cold that day is, nothing overly complicated where the other person couldn’t comment. Or simply ask a question, where did they buy their shoes or something. When I was younger I was also extremely shy, so I set myself a goal to make small talk with a stranger once every day, and it helped me a lot. Now do not just go to a random stranger start initiating a conversation, instead talk with the people who actually have to talk to you like cashiers or waitresses, and so on.

Get rid of shyness by learning to love your singing voice

Believe it or not but one of the reasons why some singers are actually shy is because they are not used to hear their own voice while singing. The most probable cause for this is that they are used to sing only in front of the mirror and not actually recording themselves sing. It is normal when the first couple of times you listen to your recorded singing to think it is sounding kind of strange. Most people are not used to listening to their own voice, but if you get used to your own voice you might even overcome your shyness as a singer.

Have a confident body language to overcome shyness

The problem with shy people, in general, is that you can spot them from a mile away. Most of them even while walking will keep their head down, while they are singing they’re looking anywhere but the audience, and when they have to sing a duett they will avoid any eye contact with the other singer. While this might look extremely hilarious from the audience’s stand of point, but for the shy singer, this might be an extremely scary experience.

My personal recommendation is to try and adopt a confident body language, head held high, shoulders back, and with a straight back. Walk with confidence, and when you enter a room do not just rush towards the first corner you see, enter the room as you own it and slowly look around, and even make eye contact with anybody who is willing to do the same. Now I know that what I have just described would make any shy person crawl up into a corner, but the truth is that you can fake confidence with your body language, and sooner or later you will actually feel more confident.

Sing at karaoke events to overcome shyness

By far one of the best ways to get rid of shyness as a singer is to sing at a karaoke club, as long as you do not take it overwhelmingly serious. Most people are there to have fun, even if you do not have your best voice ready for the song, just keep on singing. The problem is that a lot of beginner singers think that karaoke is an opportunity for them as somebody will notice them and this is why some of them make an actually hissy fit if they do not win.

Do not go with this mindset to a karaoke club, sing just for fun and you will see that your shyness to sing in front of others will soon slowly fade away. Who knows you might even make a couple of friends who have the same hobby as you.

In conclusion

These are my tips for shy singers, if you want to know more then my recommendation is to check out my articles to which I have linked to. There isn’t anything wrong with being shy, but you will have to overcome your fears as a singer, and simply put you will have to get rid of your shyness, or else it will only hinder your career as a singer.